Italian wedding venues: how to choose without mistakes

italian wedding venues

Let’s talk about Italian wedding venues and what you can give to choose the perfect one for you. In my blog I often talk about Italian wedding venues…and no I am not a wedding venue owner (although I would like to be); I talk about it because I think it is an important point in […]

Wedding in Italy cost: find out what you need to know

Wedding in Italy cost

 What are the Wedding in italy cost? we answer the most important question that newlyweds ask themselves. Our experience in destination weddings in Italy allows us to divide the bride and groom into 2 strands: those who believe it is very expensive and therefore out of their budget; those who believe they can have a […]

Wedding Proposal: how to organize it perfectly

wedding proposal

The wedding proposal is the first step towards a wonderful and interesting journey, let’s find out how best to start. As Christmas is approaching, we thought we would talk about marriage proposals. If you’re wondering why we’re talking about it now, it’s because Christmas is a time of year when marriage proposals are aplenty. Many […]

How you need know for your wedding in Italy

get married in italy

The most important things to know to organise a perfect wedding in Italy without (big) mistakes. In this article I thought I would give you some tips for organising your wedding in Italy. I think there are some things every bride should know when she starts planning her wedding in Italy.  Wedding in Italy: I’ll […]

Wedding flowers for your wedding in Italy.

wedding flowers

How to choose the right wedding flowers: expert’s tips. I madly love wedding flowers and I think if you are reading this article, you love them too!!! If you are on this page of my blog, you are probably looking for as much useful information as possible to start planning and imagining your wedding flower […]