Italian-style wedding in Umbria

Today we are talking about the real Italian style wedding. The typical Italian style of wedding planning is a real art. Some people believe that you can put together a plate of pasta, a band that plays “Volare” and the fact itself, to be in Italy to celebrate the wedding to have a real wedding […]

Wedding in Italy – Traditions and Folklore

Tradizioni e folclore, by Dream On Wedding - Traditions and Folklore

Each ceremony has its own traditions, and marriage is certainly no exception. This is particularly true in Italywhere many ancientbeliefs and customsare still respected today, some are just a bit of superstition while others are simply for the enjoyment of all. Some traditions are common to the whole peninsula while others are typical of a […]

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Basil St. Francis - Wedding in Assisi - Dream On Wedding Planner in Umbria

If our lives are not already full of commitments between work and daily chores, the Covid19 emergency has made everything even more difficult, especially travelling. If you are a couple wishing to get married in Italy, the choice of location will probably be one of the hardest things to think about and organizing a trip to Italy […]

Wedding in Assisi – Your most beautiful day in the city of St. Francis

Velo da sposa mosso dal vento - Dream On Wedding Planner & Design in Umbria

If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in Umbria, why not consider the idea of ​​organizing an incredible wedding in Assisi! The city of Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis, symbol of Christianity and home to great artistic heritage: thanks to it numerous magnificent Churchesit is certainly a unique location where to celebrate […]

Wedding in Perugia – Places and Suggestions

Among the many towns of the Umbria region, the capital Perugia certainly holds a prominent place because it combines nature, tradition and modernity in a perfect mix. A wedding in Perugia is the ideal choice if you want to have a historical setting that embraces various eras, but at the same time offers a young […]