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Autumn Wedding – Here Are 5 Tips For You!

These foggy mornings are a sure reminder that autumn is upon us and, despite being underestimated, this is a glorious time of the year to organize a wedding and has always been my favourite season for various reasons, just think about it:

• The temperature is pleasant and mild but not excessively cold,

• The colours are astounding as nature bestows inimitable shades, especially if you are organizing a ceremony in the countryside;

• The decor and the menu can be inspired by the season, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere or taking advantage of products not available in other periods.

Of course, to get the best out of an autumn wedding it may be useful to follow some advice, both in terms of aesthetics and the more practical aspects. Let’s see them together:
Flowers, fruit…

The beauty of autumn is that it offers wonderful landscapes with many natural elements that can be used for the preparation of your event. Dried leaves, branches, berries and chestnuts … the more the better!

Autumn weddings are sometimes not even considered due to the fear of rain, but it is underestimated that autumn months are extremely more stable than some summer months (which can surprise us with sudden downpours!). An autumn wedding can include some pleasant outdoor moments, for example a romantic ceremony or a sparkling aperitif while it will be necessary to also have an indoor set up; for this reason, villas with panoramic gardens or terraces and welcoming internal rooms where you can have fun playing with the decorations are perfect.

In addition to the classic garlands, the typical autumnal details can also be used for the creation of  centrepieces, place cards, wedding favours… Not to mention the bride’s bouquet: beautiful flowers such as dahlias, zinnias and burgundy roses are in full bloom in autumn.

Try to imagine a location furnished with warm wood, lots of candles or a lit fireplace that gives a soft light and various natural elements as decoration… An autumn wedding from a visual point of view definitely has an added value, don’t you think?

Autumn recipes

Undoubtedly, your wedding menu will not be immune to the autumn charm: if the summer offers us captivating but light dishes, in the autumn months you can indulge yourself with seasonal recipes, using ingredients such as pumpkin, the aforementioned chestnuts or pomegranate.

We must not forget to mention two great must-haves for the autumn wedding menu: mushrooms and above all truffles, which can be served in risottos and pasta dishes…a refined and tasty menu that will certainly be appreciated by your guests.

To top it all off, the dessert corner can be given even greater attention, with chocolate delicacies that will delight the sweet tooth.


To cope with the cooler temperatures, it is necessary to provide suitable clothing. For the bride in particular, a useful suggestion is to combine the dress with a stole or a shrug.

In this way you will not risk getting cold while traveling from the ceremony to the reception or while you are posing outside for photos.

Practical details

An autumn wedding, as we said, could reserve some meteorological uncertainties, and it is possible to come across a grey or rainy day, this is not necessarily to be considered a negative factor… the autumn skies can give the photos an intense and vivid aspect to your wedding photographs.

In any case, in order not to ruin everything, we suggest that you immediately provide some precautions to make the day pleasant for all your guests in case of need: for example, umbrellas for all the guests or coats so as not to get cold if the ceremony will be held outside.

Another suggestion could be to set up a cloakroom service in the location where the reception will take place. In this way your guests can move freely without having to carry coats and overcoats with them. You can be sure they will thank you for this convenience!

In conclusion, an autumn wedding is an unconventional choice but it can also turn into a decidedly suggestive event. What do you think?


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