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If our lives are not already full of commitments between work and daily chores, the Covid19 emergency has made everything even more difficult, especially travelling. If you are a couple wishing to get married in Italy, the choice of location will probably be one of the hardest things to think about and organizing a trip to Italy […]

Wedding Planner e Wedding Designer: What is the difference?

Wedding Planner Wedding designer

When organizing a wedding, relying on an expert person is the best solution for all couples who want to have less stress during the preparations and create a memorable event. The figure of the “wedding organizer”, however, still arouses some confusion, since it is often called in two different ways, namely wedding planners and wedding […]

Plants as Wedding Decorations: Why Not?

Plants as Wedding Decorations - Natural Tableau de marriage - Dream ON wedding planner & design in Italy

When one thinks of wedding decorations, the mind immediately goes to the flower arrangements scattered all over the place: along the aisle of the church, on the reception tables … Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that this is not the only solution. An alternative to classic floral decorations can be green plants, for example. Have […]

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