Micro Weddings – The new trend for 2021

Micro Wedding In Umbria- New trend 2021 - Dream on Destination wedding planner in Italy

Have you ever heard of Micro Weddings? Talking about new trends for 2021is perhaps a bit risky, especially in a period of great uncertainty when we don’t know what to expect next month or next week; it is certainly not easy to hypothesise how the world of weddings will evolve in the course of 2021. […]

Organizing a wedding – “Delicate Issues”


When you get married, there are just two of you, but the organization of the actual wedding event, whether you like it or not, ends up becoming a concern for many others!  Family, friends … all play a fundamental role in the success of the day, and it is quite normal that you may have […]

Autumn Wedding – Here Are 5 Tips For You!

Autumn Wedding - Here Are 5 Tips For You! - Dream on wedding planner in Italy

These foggy mornings are a sure reminder that autumn is upon us and, despite being underestimated, this is a glorious time of the year to organize a wedding and has always been my favourite season for various reasons, just think about it: • The temperature is pleasant and mild but not excessively cold, • The […]

What is a Destination Wedding (and why is it a good idea)

Destination wedding in Umbria - Dream On wedding planner in Italy

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting married in an enchanting place and experiencing a fairytale wedding? Maybe in a special place, with a charming castle and a magical atmosphere. The good news is that it’s not just a dream. For some years now the trend of Destination Wedding has taken hold, that is, the organization of […]

Wedding in Italy – Traditions and Folklore

Tradizioni e folclore, by Dream On Wedding - Traditions and Folklore

Each ceremony has its own traditions, and marriage is certainly no exception. This is particularly true in Italywhere many ancientbeliefs and customsare still respected today, some are just a bit of superstition while others are simply for the enjoyment of all. Some traditions are common to the whole peninsula while others are typical of a […]

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