Panorama di una bellissima città in cui organizzare il proprio Destination Wedding in Umbria

Your Dream Wedding: 6 good reasons why to choose Umbria for your Destination Wedding

If you are a couple looking for a magical place to organize your dream wedding, the Umbria region could be exactly what you are looking for.

With a Destination Wedding in Umbria, you and your guests will have the opportunity to combine this great romantic event with culture, breath-taking locations and excellent food and wine.

It is estimated that an increasing number of couples look with great interest to this region every year, and they are all attracted by the discreet charm and beauty of its landscape. The most central inland region of our country has in fact always been called “the green heart of Italy“, and it is the ideal place for organizing a romantic wedding in beautiful natural surroundings.

Getting married in Umbria

“Umbria is, together with Rome, the true homeland of the soul and everyone can choose his pleasure to his taste” (René Schneider) ”

Working for many years as Wedding Planners, we are fully aware how the search for the perfect location is a fundamental aspect for every couple and many factors may influence and condition their final choice: however, one factor unites every couple and that is the desire to offer their guests an unforgettable and unique experience.

We cannot deny that working in Italy helps us in this extraordinary search, there are so many worthy places that it is practically impossible to list them all… for this reason we have narrowed it down to one Region and we are now proud to present you with,


What to expect when organizing a wedding in Umbria.

Umbria, right in the centre of Italy, is without doubt “the green heart of Italy” and the perfect location for a romantic wedding in unspoilt natural surroundings.

Enchanting landscapes ranging from the rugged Apennine Mountains to the rolling green hills and plains; from the peaceful calm of Lake Trasimeno, to the roaring rapids of the Marmore Falls. From small medieval hamlets dominated by magnificent Gothic cathedrals, to enchanting Renaissance towns, Umbria is undoubtedly a region that will amaze couples and guests alike. Umbria, insignia of the most authentic Italy!

Why choose Umbria as a place to organize your destination wedding?


Here are the 6 reasons why it is a good idea to organize a Destination Wedding in Umbria:


1 – It is in the centre!

It seems a foregone conclusion but over time we have ascertained the importance of this geographical connotation. Umbria is perfectly located in the centre of our peninsula and this makes it ideal in the case of a Destination Wedding (it is easily accessible from many airports and it is the ideal starting point for touring) and also for Italian couples who have guests from both North and south … it is democratic towards your guests and saves travelling time and costs!

2 – It is a region to be discovered!

Far from the mass tourist flows, Umbria is off the beaten track to the large-scale tourist market: the small ancient villages and hamlets can be visited and enjoyed in all their authenticity.

3 – The quality of the food and wine is excellent.

In this region, it’s easy to experience the excellence of the Italian food and wine industry. From a culinary point of view, eating in Umbria is like taking a trip back in time: from dishes based on rare legumes, to fine liqueurs and wines, not to mention the inevitable condiment of all Mediterranean cuisine: olive oil: the ‘green gold’ of Umbria is considered among the best in Italy. Another typical product of the Umbrian gastronomic culture is the Truffle: this precious tuber requires special soil, position and climate and in Umbria it finds all of these favourable conditions. How could one ever renounce adding an excellent truffle or saffron dish to their Wedding Banquet Menu…let alone the Umbrian cold-cuts!


4 – Each season has its own colour!

When it comes to your colour palette, well…Umbria offers a myriad of colour in every season of the year. The shades and colours of the landscape change from season to season, offering natural backdrops so beautiful that they look like paintings.

From the intense green of the spring wheat we move on to the bright and lively colours of the sunflowers and summer wildflowers and ending with the intense reds of the vineyards in autumn … pure poetry!

5 – Artistic and Cultural Heritage

If you are thinking of offering your guests an art and culture experience while visiting Italy for your Destination Wedding, then Umbria is certainly for you! In fact, here you will find some of the most beautiful Churches and Cathedrals in Italy, all of which recall centuries of history.

Umbria offers the attentive visitor an extraordinary patrimony of art, culture, history, spirituality, traditions and craftsmanship: your guests will undoubtedly be enchanted!

If, on the other hand, you want something more modern and up-beat, Umbria knows how to satisfy you in this too! In fact, some of the most important international musical and cultural events take place here, such as:

Umbria Jazz Festival, attended by the greats of the international jazz scene;

• Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, the best known Italian summer event abroad, during which opera, theatre, ballet and film shows take place.


6 – Empathy and hospitality

Umbria is a region that will welcome you as if in a warm embrace from its inhabitants and offer you an unforgettable experience. A Destination Wedding in Umbria will not only allow you to celebrate your most beautiful day, but you will be left with the romantic memories of a place that seems to belong in a fairy tale, which will mark the beginning of your new life together.


Weddings in Umbria, why not?

Still undecided about the possibility of getting married in Umbria? For more information on all the magnificent opportunities that our region offers and of course our Wedding Planner services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why wait any longer, it’s time to start planning your Destination Wedding in Umbria!

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