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The marriage proposal

It all starts from there, from that “Do you want to marry me?“. A simple question that must be asked with great style, because the marriage proposal must be unforgettable.

Depending on your way of being and what you like to do, the marriage proposal can be more or less creative. But one thing is certain, it must know how to amaze your sweetheart. For this reason, today there are many people who choose to accompany the marriage proposal with a romantic and unique experience.

You can opt for a dinner in an exclusive restaurant, or for something special, like a high-altitude flight in a hot air balloon. The imagination has no limits, and especially if you want to “design” a truly original proposal, you can contact an expert Proposal Planner, who will be able to help you realize your idea and coordinate everything.

How to make a perfect marriage proposal?

The essential ingredient for a perfect marriage proposal is only one: being yourself. No scenographic proposal in the presence of the public if your better half is shy and reserved. Or vice versa, no to something too simple if you love being in the spotlight.

Evaluate what kind of couple you are and organize a marriage proposal in line with your personality. For example, you can focus everything on romance, choosing the place of your first date, or playing the song that best represents you in the background.

Alternatively, you could make a passion you share even more special, such as a sport or a hobby, or even organize a romantic weekend that will culminate with your marriage proposal.

The options are many, you just need to know how to find the right idea!

Marriage proposal in Italy – Suggestions for the location

Speaking of weekends: if you are thinking of planning a romantic getaway for two just to ask your sweetheart to get married, Italy is full of beautiful locations that will be a wonderful setting for your marriage proposal.

From timeless cities such as Venice and Florence to the crystal clear waters of Sicily and Sardinia to the sweetness of a treehouse that symbolizes your future love nest.

Here are a couple of ideas that will surely surprise you:

The lighthouse

The lighthouse has always guided navigators home and therefore symbolizes a safe haven home. Making a marriage proposal in a lighthouse is therefore not only a special idea but also sends a beautiful message to the person you love.

In Italy, there are many lighthouses that have been restored and converted to accommodation facilities, think for example of the Amalfi Coast or the aforementioned Sardinia. The idea could therefore be to set up a refined candlelit dinner with a sea view, during which you will make the proposal.

At the theatre

If you are a culture lover you might consider asking her / him to get married during a theatrical performance.

In this regard, at the Caio Melisso Theater in Spoleto, it is possible to organize your marriage proposal by setting up a small show just for the two of you that tell your love story in a romantic or ironic key. The ending will of course decide your loved one!

Have you already thought about your marriage proposal?


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