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Wedding in 2020 – How you can celebrate your Wedding in Umbria during Phase 3


As we have now arrived to Phase 3, it is possible to celebrate your wedding in Umbria in complete safety. In fact, on June 15, the national ordinance on “Guidelines for the reopening of economic, productive and recreational activities” was launched.

Umbria, like all other Italian regions, has adapted by publishing its regional ordinance which includes regulations regarding ceremonies, and therefore how to celebrate weddings in Phase 3.

If you feared having to postpone your celebrations to next year, don’t worry, your 2020 wedding is safe! Of course, you will need to comply with the anti-Covid safety regulations.

What is allowed in Umbria?


The legislation on marriage in Umbria practically reproduces the national ordinance in full, illustrating in various points on how it is possible to celebrate one’s wedding in Phase 3 while protecting one’s own health and that of others.

The binomial “covid marriage” certainly can be frightening, but it must be said that Umbria is a region with an index of contagiousness in continuous descent, therefore there is nothing to fear. Strict compliance with the rules is all you need to do in order to have the wedding reception of your dreams in complete safety. 

Here are the details on how to celebrate your wedding in phase 3 in the Umbria region:

1- First of all information

We are certainly used to being told to “wash our hands often”, or “keep your distance” but, given the danger we have faced in recent months, these words can never be repeated enough. It is therefore necessary to always make adequate information regarding prevention measures available to both guests and staff.

2- Organization of spaces

All the places of the reception, especially the catering spaces, must be reorganized in order to avoid gatherings and guarantee the distance of 1 meter between people. This point also concerns

• The arrangement of the tables

• The seats at each table

If this is not possible, physical barriers must be placed between one table and another to ensure spacing. If the venue also allows it, it would be better to “organize separate routes for entry and exit”.

Finally, the use of outdoor spaces, such as gardens or terraces is recommended, because it allows a better distance between people and more freedom for the guests during the reception.

3- Indoors and Outdoors

The use of the mask is mandatory

• In closed rooms (except of course when sitting at the table to eat)

• In outdoor spaces if it is not possible to keep physical distances

Hand sanitizer gel dispensers must be available in several places, for guests’ use, especially near the WCs, which will be cleaned several times a day.

4- The wedding banquet

Personnel working in contact with guests will have to wear a mask and “carry out frequent hand hygiene”.

If instead of the classic sit-down dinner you are planning on having a buffet, the legislation on the wedding in Phase 3 of the Umbria region also allows this, provided that the space is organized so as to avoid gatherings. Therefore, barriers or signs must be placed on the ground to keep the distance between people during the queue for the buffet.

During the buffet, there is an obligation to wear a mask for both guests and staff; the latter will serve the food, “excluding the possibility for guests to touch the food displayed”.

5- Other

Finally, the last points of the legislation on weddings in Umbria concern any musical performances by professionals and the list of participants.

Musical performances are allowed provided that interpersonal distancing is guaranteed and the opportunity to gather is avoided. The wedding in Phase 3 will therefore not be boring and void of entertainment!

Finally, the list of participants must be kept for 14 days after the ceremony, in case of any eventuality.

Per qualunque informazione o approfondimento contattaci.

Photo credit: @claudio.fasci

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