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Micro Weddings – The new trend for 2021

Have you ever heard of Micro Weddings? Talking about new trends for 2021is perhaps a bit risky, especially in a period of great uncertainty when we don’t know what to expect next month or next week; it is certainly not easy to hypothesise how the world of weddings will evolve in the course of 2021.

We can safely say that the pandemic has profoundly changed our expectations and priorities in all aspects of our life, including those concerning the organisation of weddings.

What we are finding, by virtue of our work as Wedding Planners, is that the guest lists are shrinking and that the desire not to give up on one’s wedding dream is emerging, and instead, turning it into an intimate and well-planned Micro Wedding.

When it comes to weddings, there are inevitably two currents of thought:

  • A great event with many guests
  • A ceremony with a few close friends

Due to Covid-19, the second option is becoming not only one of the possible ways in which to celebrate one’s best day, but also a necessity. In fact, in 2020 there were many couples who had to reorganise their wedding, while others had to even postpone itfor the safety of their guests.

While the trend of Micro Weddings has been on the rise since well before Covid-19, it is clear that it will expand in the near future.


What exactly is a Micro Wedding?

A micro weddingis nothing more than a wedding celebrated with a small circle of guests, basically no more than 50 people.An intimate celebrationthat involves the participation of the couple’s closest friends and family. It can be formal, informal or everything in between. It includes all aspects of a traditional wedding, only on a smaller scale!

This seems to be the perfect solution to allow your dream wedding go ahead, but with less organisational stressassociated with having to manage a large group of guests (and thus avoid the much feared “social gatherings” …).


From a USA trend to a choice of style

The micro wedding trend began in the United Statesa few years ago and was immediately seen as the perfect choice for many couples

  • For those who want to optimise their budget by directing more resources on the personalisation of their event
  • For those who prefer the intimacy of the ceremony to the razmataz of a great event.

Celebrating only with family and closest friends certainly emphasises the true meaning of a wedding eventand gives you the opportunity to dedicate time and attention to your guests.

However, the pandemic has slightly changed the way of implementing an event of this type; rather than not getting married at all, or having to postpone indefinitely, there are in fact many couples who prefer to have fewer guests in order to organise their wedding in complete safety.

Attention: getting married with a small number of guests does not mean having to give up on a beautiful wedding!Thanks to saving on the number of guests (for example for the reception), you have the opportunity to completely review the budget for the event, and perhaps to indulge in a bit luxury.



The advantages of the micro wedding

The micro wedding as a type of event is not only a conscious choicedictated by the particular historical moment in which we find ourselves, but it can turn out to be the perfect solution to go ahead with the wedding you have always dreamt of,which would otherwise not be feasible from an economic point of view in the case of a large guest list.

As Wedding Planners, we know that the only real way to cut the budget of an event is to cut the guest list.

Let’s see what are the advantages that a Micro wedding can offer you:


Location, reception and your dream wedding dress

The first advantage is that with fewer guests you can allocate part of the saved budget to the creation of an elegant and unique event, spoil your guests, invite them to magnificent places or even organise a Destination Wedding event that lasts for three to four days.


The huge advantage of having a smaller guest list means you have a wider selection of possible locations (clearly it is much easier to accommodate a small group and therefore the choice expands).

Thanks to a Micro Wedding, you could afford a sophisticated wedding dress or an unusual location, such as a boat or a splendid roof garden in a magnificent city of art in Italy. Or again, the reception could be enlivened with a live band show.


Intimacy is the key to a Micro Wedding; it should also be remembered when designing the table layout. You can sit among the guests or have guests sit according to common interests rather than lines of kinship, this will encourage conversation and new relationships.


Getting married on a midweek day

Weddings are usually celebrated during the weekend, but a small number of guests allows you to hold the ceremony even on a weekday, since obviously there is more availability from the locations and it will give you more time to dedicate to your guests – something which is much more difficult when large numbers are involved.

Getting married on a midweek day essentially has three advantages:
  • You can choose a date that is really meaningful to you (e.g., an anniversary, a special occasion)
  • You will have a wider choice of suppliers
  • You will enjoy cheaper rates


Dedicate time to your guests

Finally, a Micro Wedding allows you to be more present for the guests, compared to a wedding with many people (where perhaps it is also difficult to greet everyone). An idea could be to give them a gift (in addition to the traditional wedding favour) to thank them for being there.

A smaller guest list means more quality time with your loved ones, having the opportunity to make the reception as welcoming as possible and truly enjoy the company of all your guests.

With an intimate guest list, couples can afford to think outside the box, proposing activities or experiences that would be unthinkable for large groups. Organising a Micro Wedding means having the opportunity to spoil your guests: who wouldn’t want to offer them the best food they’ve ever eaten? Or personalized and special gifts?

In short, the Micro Wedding trend will change the future of the wedding industry, transforming the idea of ​​weddings into something more accommodating and manageable in a complicated historical period like the one we are currently experiencing.

Giving up part of the conventions does not necessarily mean compromising.

If you need advice on how to organize a Micro Wedding contact us or visit our  portfolio.

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Ph. Giulia Corinti


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