Organizing a wedding – “Delicate Issues”

When you get married, there are just two of you, but the organization of the actual wedding event, whether you like it or not, ends up becoming a concern for many others!  Family, friends … all play a fundamental role in the success of the day, and it is quite normal that you may have disagreementson some aspects, especially if you have a large family or large circle of friends.

The risk is that tension may build up and what should have been “the best day” becomes “the most nerve-wracking” one. In fact, it is very easy to lose control of the situationand allow oneself to be carried away by the flow, at the mercy of a Mother who at all costs wants to invite that distant relative or insists on a wedding favour that does not convince you or even choose a supplier just because he or she is an old friend of family…

How can you deal with all of this?


Here are a few suggestions for dealing with some typical “delicate issues” that may arise during the organization of a wedding:


1- Relatives, everyone has their say

It is normal for the family to feel involved in the wedding day preparations, and it is wonderful that they do. Having the support of loved ones is indeed very important, so suggestions (and even help) are welcome.

The problem, however, arises when the family begins to be a little too intrusive, trying to impose their own tastes and ideas, which may be very distant if not opposed to those of the future bride and groom.

You feel compelled to respect family traditions that you don’t like or, even worse, to go along with the decisions of a relativejust because he / she is paying the bill!  Certainly, the situation is not easy, but the best thing to do is to put your own interests first.

It is not a question of selfishness, but simply of affirming that the wedding day belongs only to the spouses:defending your idea of how you envision your ​​event so that it does not dissociate itself from what you have always dreamed of only to satisfy external requests. The best way to avoid (or at least contain) these delicate issues is to explain, of course without offending anyone:

  • how you would like your wedding
  • accept compromises only if you like them
  • possibly refuse financial aid, if this limits your freedom of decision


The right price for everything

Certainly, there will be choices to make, and if you have established a budget, the best thing to do is to decide right away how much you intend to spend on each aspect of your big day(location, wedding favours, photographer…).

However, since this is precisely “your big day”, it is normal to have expectations and indulge in some whim. Problems arise when you are forced to sacrifice what you would really like because of other expenses.

Also, in this case, the important thing is to be clear about what you want. If you set your priorities,you will not have to sacrifice anything and you will have the ceremony you have always dreamed of.

Last tips

In short, when it comes to marriage, getting everyone to agree is really a challenge! The important thing, however, is to have clear ideas right from the start, so as not to lose control of the situation and achieve the goal you have set for yourself as serenely as possible.

This also applies to the relationship with your Wedding Planner. If you have decided to rely on a professional, you must learn to trust him/herand communicate your ideas to them. Your Wedding Planner is there to help you, and if you don’t like some of the proposals made to you, you should say so without any problems, indeed you have to do it! Transparency will ensure that a relationship of empathy and serenity is established an all to the benefit of your entire event.

In short, it is essential to take a deep breath and arm yourself with all the Zen calm possible. Organizing a wedding is not a walk in the park but delicate issues can be faced and resolved.Nothing will ruin your wedding day!


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