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Plants as Wedding Decorations: Why Not?

When one thinks of wedding decorations, the mind immediately goes to the flower arrangements scattered all over the place: along the aisle of the church, on the reception tables …

Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that this is not the only solution. An alternative to classic floral decorations can be green plants, for example. Have you ever thought about it?

Plants as wedding decorations are a fantastic solution, particularly if you are looking for something
  • Cheaper than classic flowers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Original

“Green” weddings are also becoming more and more trendy, so why not ride the wave? The shades of green could not only recall plants but also appear in the settings, on the tablecloths …

In short, you could make green a real theme for your wedding that will certainly not go unnoticed. Let’s see together some of the advantages of choosing plants as a decoration for a wedding:

1- We respect the environment

Cut flowers do not survive long, and are often thrown away after the ceremony. Although the flower arrangements are beautiful to look at, they are not the best choice if you are a nature lover.

By opting instead for potted green plants, you will still be able to have beautiful settings, while respecting the environment. Once the event is over, you could, for example, give the plants you used or, if you have rented them, return them to the supplier.

Another idea could be to keep one to plant in your garden, it will be a beautiful reminder of your wedding day!

2- You save

Floral decorations, if done well and by competent professionals, inevitably have a high price. Plants, on the other hand, usually cost a little less (obviously it depends on which ones you choose) and can also possibly be rented, with further savings.

Choosing plants as wedding decorations could therefore be an excellent strategy to fall within the budget you have set for yourself.

In addition to traditional florists, you could try to visit some nurseries, where larger plants such as olive trees or citrus trees are also available, which will give a truly suggestive touch to your event.

3- The combinations are endless

The flowers can adapt to any type of setting because there are infinite varieties and colours. However, the plants are also aesthetically beautiful and give rise to very creative decorations.

You can play with the various shapes, pruning the plants in a particular way. Or have fun playing with dimensions, mixing potted plants, bushes and small trees. The important thing is that the compositions are set up with style and in line with the theme you have chosen to give to your event.

4- The practicality

Last but not least, plants are extremely practical as wedding decorations. While the flowers must in fact be set up on the day of the ceremony because otherwise, they would wither, the plants are ready for use. Of course, just remember to water them!

In short: floral arrangements have a great tradition when it comes to weddings, but even a “total green” can have its reason.

Plants as wedding decorations are an advantageous solution in many ways, and they can add a touch of class to your event. What do you think about it?


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