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Wedding in Assisi – Your most beautiful day in the city of St. Francis

If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in Umbria, why not consider the idea of ​​organizing an incredible wedding in Assisi!

The city of Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis, symbol of Christianity and home to great artistic heritage: thanks to it numerous magnificent Churchesit is certainly a unique location where to celebrate your wedding.

Assisi is in fact steeped in spirituality and every year numerous pilgrims come to visit here. The city is also a destination for art lovers, who come here to admire Giotto’s most important worksand the foundations of modern painting.

Despite the influx of tourists, however, Assisi is not a chaotic place, but an oasis of peace immersed in the lush green valley of Mount Subasio.

In short, a wedding in Assisiis an excellent choice if you are looking for a quiet location immersed in culture.

Some location proposals

Speaking of marriage in Assisi, one immediately tends to think of its splendid churches, but here you can also find:

  • Agritourism: in the countryside around Assisi, many buildings dedicated to the cult of St. Francis such as abbeys and convents have been converted to modern accommodation facilities. These are perfect if you want a ceremony surrounded by nature
  • Castles: near the town of Assisi there are numerous castles, mostly fortified villages, which will give a medieval atmosphere to your event
  • Hotels: for those who want a touch of refinement, the hotels in Assisi are the ideal solution. In fact, you can organise your event wherever you prefer and arrange to accommodate your guests in some of the luxurious Hotels that can be found in and around the city centre.

The Upper and Lower Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

These two beautiful churches together make up the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi  (whose remains are located in the Lower Basilica) and are a fantastic example of Gothic style art.

The lower Basilica and its chapels are perfect for celebrating a religious wedding, perhaps of a Franciscan type: this is a particular ritual that focuses on limiting luxury and waste, just as St. Francis preached.


Wedding in Assisi – Some ideas for celebrating

Here are a couple of tips to make your wedding in Assisi even more special. The Umbrian town in fact reserves a thousand surprises for couples who want to crown their dream of love here.

An idea could be a nice hot-air balloon ridefor the newlyweds, flying over the Umbrian plain and enjoying a breath-taking view. The updrafts in the Assisi area favour the ascent of hot-air balloons and you could event make a romantic toast at high altitude. Beautiful, is not it?

For couples who love tradition, it might be nice to have a personalised piece of Assisi stitch embroidery for your wedding kit. This is a typical technique that reproduces the friezes of Giotto and Simone Martini, and is highly appreciated all over the world.

Are you ready to organize your wedding in Assisi? If you are looking for inspiration visit our portfolio, if you want to organize your wedding in Assisi contact us.


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