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Wedding Planner e Wedding Designer: What is the difference?

When organizing a wedding, relying on an expert person is the best solution for all couples who want to have less stress during the preparations and create a memorable event.

The figure of the “wedding organizer”, however, still arouses some confusion, since it is often called in two different ways, namely wedding planners and wedding designers.

In reality, these two professions are not exactly the same and you may be wondering which is the best one to rely on for your marriage. These in fact work on two different aspects of the wedding day:

  • The wedding planner takes care of the logistical and organizational aspects
  • The wedding designer, on the other hand, takes care of the entire aesthetic and creative part of the event

Let’s see together what are the main differences between a wedding planner and a wedding designer and what they do in practice.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a bit of the direction behind your most beautiful day. Following all the preparations, from the most frivolous ones such as choosing the menu, to the most boring ones such as finding the necessary documentation, can take a long time and be stressful, especially if you have thought of making a Destination Wedding in another country.

The wedding planner responds precisely to this need, coordinating everything that precedes the event and making sure that everything is as perfect on the wedding day as you imagined.

Among its tasks we therefore have:

  • Select the best professionals in the sector
  • Help the future spouses with the bureaucratic formalities
  • Take care to respect the budget indicated by you
  • Establish a timeline for the wedding day and take care of the logistical aspects

In short, a wedding planner is a reference figure both for the spouses and for all the professionals who will work on the event.

Wedding Designer

If the wedding planner is a director, the wedding designer can be defined a bit like the set designer of the wedding. In fact, he takes care of understanding what type of wedding the future spouses would like (from the theme to the setting) and to make it happen with attention to every detail.

The wedding designer, therefore, does not limit herself to copying elements seen elsewhere but is an expert in customizing the event at 360 °, making it unique and tailor-made for the couple and their personality.

A wedding designer has a background in graphics, theatre, cinematography, and puts it into practice in the bridal sector. Among its activities:

  • Lighting design
  • Making sketches
  • Choice of details such as colours and decorations

What we offer to you?

It can often happen that the two figures of the wedding planner and wedding designer can coexist in the same service, as in our case. We at DreamOn Wedding can, in fact, provide you with both advice regarding wedding planning and create a design project for your wedding.

From our basic packages you can choose the services you prefer and we will take care of everything, making the wedding of your dreams come true. Furthermore, if you are a foreign couple and want to organize your Destination Wedding in Umbria, we can help you create a personalized event in the setting of this beautiful region.

You will then have everything you need in one service, with the best expertise in the industry!

If you are looking for examples, visit our portfolio or follow us on Instagram, where you can find inspiration from our best works!

If you want us to take care of everything, please contact-us!

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