Destination Wedding Marche


“There is something magical and indefinite in the Marches. When you approach one of its inhabited centers, you find yourself always and only dealing with the light that invests and lifts the cities.”
(Carlo Bo)

The great travelers of the past from De Montaigne to Piovene were enchanted as they crossed the territory of the Marche; here nature has lavished harmony and variety with both hands.

An enchanted romantic place, perfect for a Destination Wedding. The verdant mountains, full of valleys and woods. The neatly and extraordinarily cultivated hills, an articulated sandy coast, but rocky in some places, which overlooks a blue sea, is to be amazed by the succession of environments and landscapes.

The hinterland of the Marche is a perfect combination of man, nature, culture and traditions. Often ancient villas, or manor houses, intact examples of sharecropping architecture, have been used as accommodation facilities; this form of hospitality is a unique opportunity to taste the food and wine excellences and visit small villages scattered throughout the territory and to share time and emotions with your loved ones on the occasion of your romantic Destination Wedding in the Marche.

For the romantic spirits and the Marches offer beyond a very wide diffusion of fortresses and castles, unexpected pearls in a territory of great beauty.