Claire & François

Where else could Claire and François have gotten married if not in Assisi? Birthplace of Saints Clare and Francis: a truly unique combination.

This wedding was really special for us, the romance, the relaxed atmosphere and the great attention to detail made this project really interesting.

The bride walked on foot with the procession of bridesmaids (and the sparkling Jimmy Choo’s feet) the steep road that divides the Basilica of Santa Chiara from the Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, it is in this prestigious Church that the religious ceremony.

It was really important for this couple that the day was relaxed and informal and that the design had something unique.

From the first appointments the desire of the spouses to have a single gigantic imperial table emerged .. which for a group of over 180 people exceeds 66 meters !! We obviously liked the challenge and we designed this very long curved table that ran around the entire avenue of the castle, enjoying the wonderful panorama of Assisi at sunset.

We have created a lighting system with LED drapes that created a truly romantic and sparkling atmosphere.

The mise en place was simple extraditing in its refinement, hundreds of small glass bottles contained wildflowers of various colors, small saucers made by a local craftsman were a gift for the guests.

In short, there were so many details that made Claire and François’s wedding unique, to which we offer our best wishes!

Design & Planning:

Dream On Wedding

Photo Credit:

Alessandro Mari


Castello di Petrata