From the very first meeting with Pauline and Gianfranco it was clear that this was going to be a challenging and ambitious event. In the course of my profession I have met very few brides like Pauline: calm and genteel, with clear ideas and the firm intention that all guests should have a super special day.


I loved this event and even more, I loved the precision with which every detail was chosen and the attention and accuracy dedicated to every aspect of the organization of the event. I believe that allowing yourself enough time for reflection, research and personalization is the real luxury in organizing an event.

When I first met the couple, they had already begun the wedding preparations for their wedding in Assisi: they chose the magnificent Abbey of San Pietro, a Benedictine building dating back to the 10th century for the religious ceremony. The pink stone façade, adorned with large circular rose windows, shines surprisingly in the August sun. The ceremony was made even more solemn thanks to the accompaniment of a string quartet and powerful choir. 


Upon leaving the Church, the couple drove through the narrow streets of the Umbrian town aboard a flaming red Alfa Romeo Spider, applauded by tourists and local citizens as per true Italian tradition! Viva gli Sposi!

The wedding reception was held at the prestigious Castello di Petrata, just a few kilometres outside the town. This gorgeous location offers a privileged view of Assisi, an inevitable requirement if you decide to organize your wedding in Assisi.

When it comes to the design, well, we must say we are particularly proud of this set-up.

The couple requested a natural, simple and elegant design with a fresh and relaxed atmosphere.


Pauline requested that a single flower be used, gypsophila. At first this request was met with some resistance … over the years I have seen very inappropriate use of this flower in arrangements … but I love a challenge and I started looking for a way to use this little flower by creating a harmonious scenographic effect. With hindsight, I must admit that the choice of this flower was indeed very appropriate: it offered a sense of lightness, transparency and a natural touch to the entire event.

The table setting was a mix of objects of various materials and textures and these were used to create an effect of light and shadow and to contrast the absorbent elements and sparkling surfaces. We used crystal, silver, terracotta and natural fibres… it was a really interesting game of materials!

The palette included the use of Antique White, Dark Kaki, Olive, Kaki and Taupe.

We used groups of elements of various sizes capable of creating focal points from a scenographic point of view: the large volumes of gypsophila catalysed the attention of the guests.

Our aim was to create a refined and classy table full of elements but without being opulent: the seated guest had to be intrigued by the presence of various types of objects arranged in a rhythmic way but without a feeling of pomp.

The strings of lights and the more than 1,000 candles scattered around the gardens of the Castle helped to create a warm and inviting atmosphere: an air sought after by anyone who decides to organize their wedding in Assisi.


On developing the design set, we sought a perfect blend of French/Italian taste and tradition that would represent the couple and create a welcoming atmosphere for the guests.

The couple pampered their guests by giving each one a very warm Cashmere stole, made in Italy, of course!

The evening then continued with a fun ice cream van and the entire group danced ‘till the early hours to the music of a fabulous band who travelled specially from the south of France to entertain the guests.


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