White Christmas Party


We organized this fun themed company dinner party  in a splendid period residence just outside Perugia.

The goal of this corporate event was to create a welcoming and merrymaking atmosphere for the approximately 300 guests who attended.

We designed and installed a Christmas setting: monochromatic inspired by the theme “Frozen night” and we loved this ethereal and sparkling atmosphere that set a frosty tone to the entire dining hall.
The palette included a scale of whites with cold and bright shades, in winter tones.

The set-up for this “Frozen Night” themed corporate event is very interesting from a visual point of view. The basic idea was to create a “sparkling and muffled” environment, typical of the hush and beauty of a landscape after a heavy snowfall.

The dining hall had to become the backdrop for a natural snowy landscape.
To do this, we painted very large dead branches in white and added some sparkle here and there and placed them in groups around the dining hall; they became spellbinding  when the warm uplighting placed at the base of these ‘trees’  were switched on.

The dining hall is made up of two sections: one is long and narrow and develops longitudinally, and the other has a large rectangular space.
To make the most of the space and give the event a non-trivial set up, we opted for a geometric and very regular table arrangement.

This symmetry gave the space an ordered and symmetrical aspect.

The light in the room was not static but recreated the glow of the light breaking on the snow-covered surfaces.

The centerpiece was composed mainly of candles (white candles and large candle stubs) contained in cylindrical glass vases of various heights that extend like a continuous cord for the length of the imperial tables.

In addition to a very nice set-up, this beautiful corporate event was really a lot of fun… a theatrical company of “Crazy Waiters” mingled and worked with the restaurant staff and put on a really hilarious comic performance during the service.

During the evening, the theater company in disguise created grotesque situations and the guests, after some initial embarrassment, burst into a sea of ​​laughter and fun was guaranteed for the rest of the evening.

After dinner, the group moved to the ballroom, which, furnished with minimal lounge-seating in shades of white, large installations with lacquered trees and candles, was really very welcoming.

A fantastic band welcomed the guests who were able to go wild and end a very pleasant evening in style.

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