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Hermia and Daniel’s wedding was a truly international affair with over 100 guests arriving from all over the world, making this the most glamourous destination wedding of the season: even the photographer and DJ were flown in specially from the UK!

The couple were determined to find the perfect location for their romantic destination wedding and one of their priorities was to find a location near a small town or city where they could accommodate and entertain their guests during a three-day event and at the same time offer them an insight to the real Italy: as very experienced travellers, they had ‘been there, done that and got the T-shirt’ and were in search of something authentic, off the beaten track…they found all of this in Perugia.

We have never seen a couple so much in love with their chosen location and in fact, it was a case of ‘love at first sight’ for Hermia and Daniel when they visited the magnificent Castello di Monterone on a cold winter day: a warm greeting from the owner in person and a very welcomed coffee served alongside the immense fireside…and voilà!

The couple visited Perugia again in the spring and following a long meeting at our office, where they gave us very precious and detailed inputs on how they envisioned their event, we began the planning and design of this gorgeous event. October weddings can be so inspiring…the natural surroundings evoke the imagination and inspire creativity and the Italian style gardens surrounding the Castello di Monterone are ablaze with astonishing colours…the Castello overlooks a valley of olive groves and local bush, above which rises the skyline of the ancient town of Perugia…a truly evocative place!

Every detail had been carefully thought out, including the plan B, which is an integral part of all our design projects.

On arrival in Perugia the day before the wedding, guests were greeted during an ‘apericena’ set up in one of the most panoramic restaurants of Perugia…Hermia was so happy to finally share her love for the Italian sunset with all her loved ones…such a simple, beautiful and meaningful sentiment!

The concept design focused on creating a natural and elegant atmosphere with a sophisticated flavour using “vintage” elements, but not too formal and static. The bride was very collaborative with her inputs and we were on the same line of thinking from day one!

Due to a forecasted shower of rain, and thanks to excellent planning and coordination, the symbolic ceremony was held in a splendid former Monastery complex: we installed plants, flowers and shrubbery creating an indoor wild garden atmosphere: we created a sort of asymmetrical and natural “open” arch decorated with a cascade of very natural large flowers in the shades of marsala, bordeaux, antique-rose and cream, while tall evergreen plants framed the entire ceremony area.

The aisle was decorated with small bouquets of flowers tied to the chairs and low-lying green plants and candles were placed on the ground creating more a garden pathway than an actual aisle. The bride illuminated the entire scene as she so elegantly walked down the ‘pathway’, waving her magnificent gown over the low-lying plants and candles…Daniel was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all!

Given the autumn season, the dining event took place indoors. In order to keep the romantic and natural atmosphere, and given the modern appearance of the dining hall, our design was a hybrid that sought mediation between the modern and colourful design of the room and the romantic, sophisticated and refined decoration requested by the couple.

The tables were decorated with very generous floral arrangements in tones of marsala, bordeaux, antique-rose and cream. We used a variety of antique candlesticks of various metals (brass, bronze, silver). All the candlesticks are original pieces and differ from one table to another, while maintaining a continuity and unity of style: we also used single-candle candlesticks in crystal with coloured candles (dove-grey and antique rose).

Following the cutting of the cake, which took place on the open terrace, affording a wonderful night view of Perugia, the party continued indoors: to make the dancing room comfortable and welcoming, we placed customised low chairs with ottomans and cushions in the colours of the event.

On the ground will placed large Persian rugs in shades of bordeaux red and a light-coloured radiance was projected onto the walls. Many candles were placed on the party furniture and furnishings already present in the hall. The overall effect was modern yet comfortable, welcoming and also relaxing for the older guests, and not only!

The following day, guests enjoyed a brunch on the open-air terrace of the Castello and in true spirit of Umbrian hospitality, the owner gave a tour of the castle, recalling the history of the complex and explaining the origins of the many antique objects that adorn the rooms and halls.

A truly intense yet joyful weekend, where not only did our couple exchange vows before their loved ones, but they shared their love of Italy with their guests and were indeed true ‘ambassadors’ of our country.

Can’t wait to meet you both here again!

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