Heather & Richard

Last season began in May with the marriage of Heather and Richard, no doubt the sweetest and kindest couple ever existed on earth!

Normally mid-May is one of the most beautiful times in which to organize a wedding in Italy: neither too hot, nor cold, luxuriant vegetation, uncrowded places, in short, on paper was the optimal day! Pity we had to come to terms with the wettest May in history, and unfortunately the bad weather that has characterized this unstable month has also affected the great day of Heather and Richard.

Fortunately the magnificent Castle of Monterone is a wonderful location outside but also inside and the spouses and their families were affectionate that they did not even perceive these aspects as a problem, indeed, the warm and cozy atmosphere turned out to be very romantic indeed .

And the little church in Assisi where the Anglican rite was celebrated is really intimate and very welcoming.

At that time many lavender bushes bloom in the castle gardens, so much so that the air is full of perfume and walking through the alleys almost feels like being in Provence, so we decided to use these flowers also for decoration.

The delicate pastel tones have decorated the room and characterized all the accessories of this very romantic wedding in the rain … however there is an old saying in Italy that reads “wet bride, lucky bride!”

Design & Planning:

Dream On Wedding

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Daniel & Valentina