This romantic and very intimate wedding was held in the countryside not far from the wonderful city of Orvieto, in Umbria. Intimacy and guest enjoyment were the key essentials for S and S, along with offering their guests the possibility to savour the atmosphere of a truly historical town, as Orvieto.

For such and intimate group of guests, we suggested and subsequently organised the Civil Marriage in the magnificent neoclassical Teatro Mancinelli in the centre of Orvieto: inaugurated on May 19, 1866 with Donizetti’s opera “La Favorita”, the foyer (also used to celebrate Civil ceremonies) is particularly fascinating: the Four Seasons are represented on the ceiling and the niches contain plaster statutes. Several other rooms are beautifully and very colourfully decorated and the whole architectural layout refers to the neo-Renaissance classic ideal which was very popular in the nineteenth century.

Particularly beautiful are also the elegant stairways in pietra serena which lead on one side of the entrance to the stalls and rise towards the four tiers of boxes and the gallery. The entire Theatre is available to the couple for photo shoots either before or after the ceremony.

Following the Civil ceremony, we happily moved through the colourful streets of Orvieto to reach our ‘toast station’. In early September, the streets are pleasurably a buzz with local people going about their business and the late summer tourists enjoying a rest at the many wine bars and restaurants that flank the tiny streets. 

In a very intimate and cosy corner of the city, our newly wedded couple and their guests toasted to their new life together…and what better beginning could there be than saying ‘I do’ in the magnificent town of Orvieto!

With just a fifteen-minute car and bus drive, we were soon out in the country and back at the location where everything was ready for the wedding reception: we embellished the pool area for the Italian Aperitivo with customized white seating modules and white cushions, created by Dream On Wedding. The contrast between the white décor and dominating green countryside was very clean and modern. Fairy lights with Chinese lanterns were hung from either side of the pool and candles were placed in every possible nook and cranny! A sole classical guitar accompanied guests during this happy and relaxing Aperitif.  

At one stage, the sun began to set and in the distance was the imposing town of Orvieto, set aglow by the late summer sunset…pure magic! It was time to invite the guests to take their seats at the very elegant and intimate area we had decorated for dinner.

In keeping with the rustic atmosphere of the location set in the country, we set up wooden chairs and bare wood tables under the vine pergola that runs along the whole length of the house. Tiny led lights were attached to the over lying creeping vines creating a starry sky effect. Generous floral compositions acted as runners on the tables and as many candles as the table could hold were lit up to create a really welcoming, embracing, happy and joyful family get together!

Following dinner, the happy party made their way in the dark and followed a pathway of roman torches under the olive trees before reaching the area set up for the cutting of the cake! They were met with a romantic and intimate setting created by many tiny candles surrounding the cake and a fantastic Jazz Quartet soon got the party going. The musicians accompanied the guests during this magnificent summer’s night event in the Orvieto countryside.

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Cristina Faluomi