Villa Musetta

Villa with garden

Villa Musetta is historically bound to its vast agricultural estate which extends over 1200 hectares, mostly along the Valnerina valley. The Villa itself is immersed among olive groves (circa 25.000 trees), some dating back to the XVIII century. The production of olive oil is one of the estate’s strong points with harvesting, from October through to March, and olive pressing in the mill beside the Villa (visits upon request). The hills and mountains opposite the Villa are more rugged and is home to various species of wildlife and are monitored by Perugia University: wolves, wild cats, birds of prey, porcupines, wild boar, roe deer. The estate also produces exquisite DOP beef thanks to its 500 strong Chianina cattle farm.

The geographic area has been declared a Site of Community Importance (SIC) by the EU thanks to its exceptional wildlife and environmental variety and conservation.
Villa Musetta, an Italian Historic House, is set within a large farming estate in the beautiful uncontaminated Valle della Spina. The harmonious landscape, with historical olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see, is the result of centuries of hard work, passion and agricultural skill, knowledge and traditions.

First built in 1630, the defensive turrets testify the Villa’s tumultuous past which left way to eight-eenth century transformations bringing splendor and opulence: the ballroom and the Dawn fresco. Since then Villa Musetta offers the opportunity to travel through time and experience the delights of Italian history, art and nature.

The location can accommodate up to 150 guests: in the cloister and in the garden during the warm season. In the case of bad weather, the inside rooms can be used for your event.

All the interiors of the villa are beautifully restored with original pieces of great value. The very comfortable bedrooms and expertly renovated bathrooms give the rooms an extremely sophisticated atmosphere.
The main Villa has 7 bedrooms (13/14 guests), while the adjacent Borgo (pertaining to the property) has 4 more bedrooms (8 people).

The villa has an in-house chef who can take care of all meals during the guests’ stay as well as side events: brunch, welcome dinner. As for the wedding banquet, this must be entrusted to an external company that specialise in banqueting.


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Room Accomodation:

7 room (+ 4 other rooms)

Geographic Area:

Center Italy - Umbria

Guests Accomodation:

up to 150 guests

Suitable for Ceremonies: