In what other part of the world could Claire and have married if not in Assisi? The birthplace of Saint Clare and Saint Francis had to be their only choice!

This wedding was really very special for all of us: the romance, the fun, the relaxed atmosphere and the great attention to detail all came together to make a really interesting project.

This beautiful and courageous bride walked on her Jimmy Choo high-heels through the steep road that divides the Basilica of Santa Chiara from the Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, the prestigious Church where François awaited her for the religious ceremony. All along the way, the bride was greeted with joyful exclamations of good wishes from the many tourists and pilgrims who thronged the tiny streets: this bride certainly added a wonderful element of joy and happiness to the unexpected crowd.

Following the solemn ceremony, the newlyweds made their way through the tiny streets of Assisi in an iconic Italian car: a pastel-shade Fiat 600! This happy couple were truly in for every sort of fun and we all wondered how they actually fitted into the car! Fortunately, it was a convertible! Driving up the steep hills to reach the location was indeed a venture and we are sure the couple are still laughing when they recall the episode!

Regarding the concept design: it was really important for Claire and François that the day be relaxed and informal and for the design to have something unique.

From the very first meeting it was clear that this couple desired nothing else than a single gigantic imperial table… which for a group of over 180 people exceeds 66 meters!! We obviously loved the challenge and we designed this very long curved table that ran around the entire garden pathway of the castle, thus affording a wonderful panorama of Assisi at sunset. As the pathway twisted and turned in an irregular way, our technical staff did some excellent woodwork in order to connect all the tables in one continuous line.

We created and installed a lighting system of LED lights that draped along the full length of the tables creating a romantic and sparkling atmosphere. Once again, excellent workmanship in getting all the poles between the tables without creating obstacles to the table settings. Well done guys!

The entire tablescape was incredibly stunning in its refinement: a never-ending trail of hundreds of vases and small glass bottles of various types and sizes contained colourful wildflowers; as many candles as the table could hold; skilfully decorated Deruta ceramic favours were beautifully striking on the white chargerplates and as the sun began its decline, an entrancing ethereal scene went before our eyes…it was time to invite guests to dine.

The wedding cake and party took place on the lawn where once again great attention was given to detail: Persian rugs, custom-made seating modules, poufs, cushions, lanterns, led lights amongst the shrubs and finally our very own custom-made luminaires illuminated the party that went on until the early hours of the morning.

Claire and François’s wedding had indeed many details and hundreds of objects were used in the set up: their input was objective and collaborative and the results speak for themselves! All our best wishes to this special couple!

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