kissed by the sun


We are so fond of this wonderful couple that describing their wedding weekend still fills our hearts with emotion.

When Matteo and Hannah contacted us almost two years before the wedding date, their vision was already clear: a large wedding of around 170 guests in Perugia, original hometown of the groom’s family, where guests travelling from abroad could savour the real Italy over a three-day event and the Italian side of the family could reunite…their only worry was guest management and logistics!

Fast forward to two years later and we can say with all confidence that every moment of the event ran smoother than anyone thought possible: undoubtedly, this couple had fantastic communication skills and their inputs and collaboration were instrumental to the success of the event. The attention and care they devoted to making their guest’s stay as pleasant as possible was truly rare and moving, and it was an honour for us to help this couple in the realization of their dream wedding in Italy.

We worked for more than a year on the planning and design project of this fun-filled wedding weekend: having carefully matched their requests and desires to what was feasible and physically available in the area, the entire weekend was programmed.

Matteo and Hannah decided that the best way for their guests to get to know Perugia was to stay in the city centre at the prestigious Hotel Brufani: guests could freely stroll around the old town centre, stop off at a local bar for a drink or an ice cream and an endless list of small restaurants and pizzerias were within walking distance for evening dining. Museums, picture galleries and magnificent Churches were only a stone’s throw from the Hotel.

The weekend was kicked off with the Civil Marriage ceremony that took place in a very characteristic former Church now belonging to the Comune of Perugia. Now Mr. and Mrs., what better way to celebrate than an informal evening dinner party at a local restaurant where guests were offered a privileged view of the medieval quarters of the town and further out, they enjoyed the rising moon over Assisi and the Monte Subasio…next day’s destination!

The symbolic ceremony took place the following day at the wonderful Castello di Petrata near Assisi: we arrived at the location very early that morning while another colleague assisted the bride and her bridesmaids at their Hotel in Perugia and later coordinated the transfer of guests to the wedding ceremony and reception wedding in Assisi.

As guests arrived, they were invited to take their seats as the symbolic ceremony was about to begin and the scene that met their eyes was one of incredible beauty and elegance. The magnificent Umbrian landscape was the backdrop to the large arch magnificently decorated with sunflowers and hydrangeas (the bride’s favourite flowers).

The décor installation for this wedding took several hours and a lot of people were involved and it was truly worth it in the end. The concept design was conceived from the couple’s great passion for traditional majolica. In fact, they are both passionate collectors of decorated ceramics, therefore we introduced two traditional decorative motifs of the Deruta ceramics, Raffeallesco and Ricco Deruta throughout the event.

We commissioned local artisans to produce vases, plates and small favours (delicious ceramic egg cups) which were used to decorate the very elegant tables. Custom-made tiles bearing numbers were used for the tableau de mariage and for the tables.

The palette was in keeping with the traditional colours of the ceramics: blue, oxide green, ochre yellow and terra di Siena: all the rest was white or crystal with a hint of blue in the wine glasses in order to give maximum emphasis to the ceramics.

Strands of white light bulbs were hung from the front of the Castle and illuminated the reception area.   The atmosphere was formal, chic, but with a “light” tone, fresh and in synch with a reception in an elegant countryside location.

Following dinner, the happy group made their way to a very elegant room where they danced to the beat of a truly exceptional musical performance.

Day three and we are back in the centre of Perugia! A most scrumptious Italian breakfast, based on expresso, cappuccino, cornetti, and other delicious cakes were served outdoors along the Corso Vannucci at one of the most iconic bars of Perugia. What better way to feel part of the everyday life of a small city in Italy? This early morning coffee in July will surely remain in the memory of both the couple and their guests for years to come!

We compliment Hannah and Matteo on all the choices they made, on how they evaluated (and valued) our advice, it was indeed a pleasure working together with them to the accomplishment of a truly unforgettable event. Thank you both and we wish you all the very best!

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