Sparkling Wedding in Perugia

Marleen & Jeroen – Sparkling Wedding in Perugia

We can happily say how fortunate we are that in the course of our profession we meet couples like Marleen and Jeroen!

Completely uninterested in conventions and traditions, light years away from the idea of traditional marriage, they lived the preparations and the event in absolute freedom, bringing their “rock” soul into the event.

The Design Concept focused on specific guidelines given by the bride and groom: modern/contemporary style, in tune with the location; “bespoke”, creative, art-inspired design elements with the use of rust/ oxide/corten texture; no country/romantic; minimal flower design… avoiding the classic wedding atmosphere; relaxed welcoming but sophisticated atmosphere and last but not least, guest enjoyment.

The development of the design project involved a very different approach than usual, avoiding the “romantic” air typical of wedding design but without distorting the event and making it cold or detached: to remove the romantic aspect from a wedding without “emptying” it of feeling and meaning was indeed a great challenge!

This very international wedding weekend kicked-off to a great start with a fabulous welcome dinner organised in the old town centre of Perugia. Most of the guests stayed at the Castello di Monterone and others in town.

The following day a super happy group of guests made their way once again to the medieval quarters of Perugia to assist at the Civil Marriage ceremony between Marleen and Jeroen. The ceremony took place in a very evocative former Church and the acoustics were just ideal for the truly lively and unusual playlist chosen by this wonderful couple…even the Registrar was in awe at such a colourful and animated event.

Orange coloured petals and cheers of joy greeted the newlyweds outside on the terrace and we all made our way just around the corner for a cool and sparkling prosecco. This al fresco aperitivo was truly appreciated by the guests…it gave them a chance to view the wonders of the city that spread out below them and the atmosphere was fun, relaxed and very welcoming and some very happy and memorable portrait shots were taken.

The couple sped back to the location in their vintage black Mercedes convertible and were greeted by yet another wonderful aperitivo by the proprietor of the location. Music, chin chin, some emotional speeches and this wedding was off to a very lively start.

Our installations on the terrace were truly awesome and the orange light that emanated at dusk was truly just as we had envisioned.

I admit that organizing their wedding in Perugia was extremely fun and stimulating for us, and the party was an explosion of sympathy and liveliness!!

Our best wishes to the “craziest” newlyweds of this season!

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