Rural Wedding in Umbria

Phelbé & Ronan – Rural flavour for a convivial and (A) typical wedding in Umbria

We remember with great affection the marriage of Phelbè and Ronan. When this couple contacted us, they had only one certainty: the desire to celebrate their wedding in Umbria, in a location that could host and welcome their families for a whole week of fun and sharing, an authentic place outside the circuit of magazine weddings.

Everything else was a cloud of uncertainties… they had started planning many months earlier, evaluating dozens of locations without success and on becoming discouraged, they decided to turn to a wedding planner. The start was an uphill one: when a couple has already collected a long series of disappointments, it is not always easy to win their trust. In every case, we rolled up our sleeves and faced the project head on… we selected a much greater number of locations than usual to be evaluated and collected very detailed information to allow us draw up a short-list of potential proposals, we planned a long two-day tour with the couple for the most in the remote countryside of Umbria… and finally we found it !!

Phelbè and Ronan were euphoric: with only a few months to the event, they had managed to find the perfect location immersed in the Umbrian countryside, surrounded by the Apennines and within walking distance to a small rural village of rare beauty. Sometimes getting out of traditional circuits and turning to suppliers who are not used to working with an audience of foreign couples or those not specializing in destination weddings can be stressful but on the other hand, it can also offer some surprisingly unique opportunities.

The couple eagerly wanted to offer their guests the opportunity to breathe the real Italian atmosphere, explore the streets of the town, have a drink in the square, an ice-cream for the kids. What better solution than to celebrate your wedding outdoors, in the streets of the picturesque hamlet? We spoke with the local authorities and obtained the closure to traffic of an entire area of ​​the town of Scheggino in Valnerina. Scheggino is a delightful rural village, built at the foot of the Nera river and perched on the steep rocks. A small renovated village that is reflected on the crystal-clear waters of the river… a postcard landscape that was the backdrop to the romantic wedding in Umbria of Phelbè and Ronan.

We installed the ceremony on the picturesque walkway that surrounds a tiny lake and both the couple and their guests made a ‘dancing’ entrance to the ceremony area.

Following the ceremony, the whole group moved to a welcoming farmhouse in the area where a menu based on typical products was served (delicious truffles and locally produced pork meats).

The uncertain weather did not undermine the euphoria and joyful atmosphere of the day that ended with wild dances until late at night!

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Design & Planning:


Cristina Faluomi