Wild Wedding

A small-scale winter styled shoot set in a cozy wood in the Umbrian countryside, in central Italy.

The intention was to play with light and water reflections, the opaque and absorbent colors of the surrounding nature are reflected on the shiny and transparent surfaces of the furnishings.

The mise en place is surreal and eccentric: while it is arranged on simple wooden pallets, it does not renounce the charming echo of cutlery and gold accessories; the candles were lit under the pouring rain and they play a key role in this parody of the absurd where everything seems ready and waiting to host an outdoor banquet and in weather conditions undoubtedly ‘plan B’.

The dull tones of oxide green and rust are found in the floral compositions that contain many natural elements from the undergrowth: beautiful cymbidium orchids and various types of roses emerge amongst the tillandsia and twisted hazelnut branches.

Design & Planning:

Photo Credit:


Cristina Faluomi