Wedding set design

Progetto scenografico

The wedding set design studio is the most pleasant, creative and exciting aspect of the whole event

The design project is one of the most challenging and laborious aspects of the whole event. It is a process that begins with the search for the perfect location and ends with the decoration of the table and accessories.
We know that you have a very clear idea of the atmosphere that your special event should have. It is very exciting for us to be able to explore this world and make our contribution so that fantasy and imagination can unfold.

Creation of the design project

We will design the concept of the wedding of your dreams, using all the tools necessary to show you the style and atmosphere of the event you want.

How we create a perfect wedding set design

A set design is achieved through research, dedication, experience and knowing how to look beyond words. The design, and indeed the entire scenography are the aspects that will give character to your event. Technical and logistical factors such as

· Budget

· Number of guests

· Location

· Season

· Etc ...

Our task is above all to look at and understand your desires, even those that you do not tell us in words. Only in this way will we create the right wedding set design for you.

Our training allows us to carry out your projects

Our experience in the field of cinematographic and theatrical scenography leads us to approach this aspect in a very practical and concrete way.

The whole creative/design process is firmly linked to what is actually achievable in technical and budgetary terms.

What we

don't do in design

We never propose solutions that cannot become reality, we do not feed impossible dreams and we do not embark on enterprises that we know we are unable to carry out.

From the analysis to the creation of the wedding set design

The first step we take is to carry out a detailed analysis of the request and the context.

To create a design project we start from you, from the story you want to tell your guests, from the emotions you want to convey. It starts from an idea and is built within the space where the event will take place … just like in the theater or in the cinema!
A careful study of the space will allow us to create a truly exclusive setting.

How we will


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Inside you can insert all the images that are a source of inspiration for you.

What is?

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We will summarise your ideas and our vision of the event and create a graphic design to discuss the details.

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Scenographic sketches

We will create scenographic sketches for you of the most significant areas or elements to be made to measure.

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3D rendering

We study the lights, the arrangement of the tables and the arrangement of all the furnishings through 3D processing

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Compositional tests

Compositional tests

If necessary we carry out compositional tests of every aspect of the decoration to be discussed with the bride and groom

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We are well aware of the complexity of this work, for this reason we prefer to provide a turnkey solution in which Dream On will be the only contact party for this aspect of your event.

We are organised but open to everyone

We have our own internal workshop where we create ‘magic’ and we also have a warehouse where we store a wide range of objects and furnishing accessories. We like to carry out a design project from start to finish using our own hands and expertise. We also love working with other suppliers. If you already have suppliers or want additional offers, no problems!! We work and collaborate with wedding professionals in perfect harmony and we are always open to innovative solutions.

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