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is an italian wedding planning agency that offers many services.

Each couple is a world unto itself and deserves to find specific services that fully satisfy their needs. In response to this, our agency offers various service solutions that fully engage with your needs and meet your expectations.

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As you will see, all of our services are designed to meet specific needs. Choose the one that best suits you and your wedding, your way of conceiving planning and that helps you where you feel you are unable to do so alone.

Full Planning Service

This service includes complete planning of the event from the beginning of the process to the day of the wedding. Advice and assistance in all organizational, financial, and aesthetic aspects of the event.

Partial Planning Service

This service is ideal for couples who have already partially organised their wedding; some may have already defined important aspects, such as booking the location in advance or commencing the paperwork for their wedding ceremony. This service offers support in finalising all other aspects relating to planning the event. The Partial Wedding Planning service allows you to be in charge of the planning process and at the same time have an expert guide to help you avoid any mistakes.

Coordination service

The wedding day coordination service is the ideal service for couples who have already organised their wedding but need support in logistics and coordination of suppliers on the same day.

Wedding Design service

This service is dedicated to

This service provides

Budget Optimisation

This service is designed to assist couples who are evaluating the economic feasibility of their marriage in Italy. Understanding exactly what are the costs to be incurred, and to celebrate your wedding without any unexpected surprises. This service offers an exact analysis of expenditure and avoids embarking on unsustainable situations. Dealing with all the planning of your destination wedding with serenity is essential and will make the ‘wedding journey’ very pleasurable and enjoyable.


à la carte

The following is a list of dedicated and specific services, which are not present in any of our proposals just listed, but which can be added:

Pre-Wedding Day Coordination

RSVP Management

Welcome Bag for guests

Hourly Concierge Assistance

Assembly of invitations, stamps, and postage

Coordination of lateral events

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