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The importance of having a wedding planner in Italy

Having a local wedding planner is the winning card for a perfect destination wedding in Italy. There are many advantages of choosing a wedding planner who lives and works in Italy, such as, the know-how; their knowledge of the territory, and of the suppliers who work there, and last but not least, their ability to always obtain what is best for each individual couple.

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Hi! I am Eleonora; I founded Dream On Wedding Planner because I love to create moments of joy, sharing and beauty for couples in love from all over the world.

I like to create instances of atmosphere and welcoming surroundings built on the personality of the couple.
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Dream team
Most couples can’t even imagine how many people work behind the scenes at an event. Fitters, electricians, sound engineers. Our team of fitters will work tirelessly throughout the preparation, assembly and disassembly phase of your event.

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To make sure that everything is carried out to perfection and according to expectations, it is necessary to proceed with a well-structured and tested method. This is the secret of flawless planning.
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Dream on Wedding

As you will see, all of our services are designed to meet specific needs. Choose the one that best suits you and your wedding, your way of conceiving planning and that helps you where you feel you are unable to do so alone.

Coordination service

The wedding day coordination service is the ideal service for couples who have already organised their wedding but need support in logistics and coordination of suppliers on the same day.

Wedding Design service

This service is dedicated to couples, Event Agencies and Companies or catering companies.

Budget Optimisation

This service is designed to assist couples who are evaluating the economic feasibility of their marriage in Italy.

Dream Team

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Creation of the design project

We will design the concept of the wedding of your dreams, using all the tools necessary to show you the style and atmosphere of the event you want.
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We will create a design project showing proposals for the decorative set-up; we will assist you during this period until the final design has been agreed; we will send a quote directly to you for the design project including all decorative aspects; we will take care of formulating the lists of materials, rentals, and plan the construction phases of the set-up and decorative aspects.
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Choose the venue that best suits your desires. Italy has endless proposals of Venues where to hold your dream wedding
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