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The importance of the role of an Italian wedding planner on-site for the organization of an impeccable event, curated by those who live and work there every day, and who are aware of the needs of their foreign clients.

The importance of having a wedding planner in Italy

Having a local wedding planner is the winning card for a perfect destination wedding in Italy. There are many advantages of choosing a wedding planner who lives and works in Italy, such as, the know-how; their knowledge of the territory, and of the suppliers who work there, and last but not least, their ability to always obtain what is best for each individual couple.
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Why choose a

wedding planner in Italy

Here are some aspects that you should think about when you decide to rely on a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy:
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Not too many intermediaries

Make sure they are based in Italy and don’t rely on intermediaries. There are many foreign agencies that offer this type of service but are then forced to rely on local planners… how many intermediaries do you really want to have?
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A wedding planner in Italy knows all those hidden details.

A local wedding planner knows all about those tucked-away gems and many small artistic, artisan, and service activities that can make every event unique and special.
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Knowledge of the territory and suppliers

A professional local Wedding Planner is the pivot around which evolves the planning, the careful selection of suppliers, and the coordination and implementation of the design project chosen by the couple. Having the privilege of living and working in Italy means having an in-depth knowledge of each location and personally knowing all the suppliers, guaranteeing the best outcome of your event, as well as greater mediation and negotiation skills.
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Not too many intermediaries

Unless you and your future spouse are organizing a symbolic ceremony, it is extremely important that you rely on a professional who has a thorough knowledge of bureaucratic procedures in Italy. In order to avoid mistakes, you need a professional who is constantly updated on developments in the matter and who is capable of communicating clearly with the public authorities.
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Stress-free wedding

Thanks to the support of a wedding planner in Italy, you can relax and think about what is really important. Our internal staff is always available for any last-minute emergency and over the years, we have created a vast and consolidated network of wedding suppliers and professionals that we can count on at all times.
Wedding planning services - Coordination service - Dream On wedding marriege agency in Italy

Suppliers best suited to your needs

Relying on a local wedding planner who is capable of selecting an expert team of suppliers, will guarantee you to have an excellent wedding and one that is truly “made in Italy”… without mandolins or other embarrassing stereotypes!

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