Wedding coordinator

Event coordination

Having a wedding coordinator who manages the great organisational machine behind the event is the best choice you can make

Having someone behind the scenes who directs and checks the progress of the day and ensures that everything runs smoothly and cheerefully for you and your guests, means you can fully enjoy your special day.
Who is the Wedding coordinator service for?

The Wedding Day Management service is dedicated to couples who want the support of a professional to assist them on the wedding day in coordinating their event. For couples who have faced pleasant and intense months of planning with us, having our team on their side on the day of the event is a further guarantee of success and the best remedy for stress.

Couples who have enjoyed the challenge of organsising their wedding on their own, but who, for obvious reasons, can’t imagine themselves with a clipboard and programme in hand, directing the unloading of equipment etc., on their wedding day.

Why choose this service

For these reasons, having an expert, who, with great discretion, will make sure that people, furnishings, artists, etc. are in the right place at the right time is the winning choice that will allow you the freedom to enjoy the experience.
Bride - golden hour wedding in Italy

How the wedding

coordinator service works

Why choose this service

On the day of the event we will be there to supervise

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