The best wedding venues in Italy: a guide for foreign brides

best wedding venues in italy

 What are the best wedding venues in Italy and how to choose the perfect one for you. Our country is truly rich in options for planning beautiful weddings; we thought we’d help you out by selecting some of the best wedding venues for you, giving you some expert tips. From the charming hills of Tuscany […]

Wedding décor in Italy: Less is More

Wedding Decor in Italy - Dream On Wedding Planning Umbria

Find the perfect balance between style and budget for your wedding decor Planning your wedding decor is an important moment that can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re planning your wedding abroad. We are sure to be asking a lot of questions: Will I be able to make it clear what I want? […]

Honeymoon in Italy: plan the perfect itinerary

A honeymoon in Italy is a wish you can realise more easily than you think. If you’re dreaming of a wedding in Italy, then you may also want to consider a honeymoon in Italy; a complete immersive experience that is also affordable for you. Discover with us the advantages and how best to organise it! […]

Wedding location in Italy: do you know Umbria?

wedding location in Italy

A lesser known wedding location but with potential that we want you to discover. If you are a bride who has chosen to get married in Italy, you will certainly be looking for the wedding location that is right for you. Finding fantastic venues is our job and we know how difficult it can be […]

Wedding invitation guide: what to write if you plan your wedding abroad.

 How to make the perfect wedding invitation for destination weddings. Planning a wedding abroad is an unforgettable adventure, an opportunity to create lasting memories in a dream setting. But as you plan every detail for your big day, don’t forget the importance of the wedding invitation. These small cards are the first taste guests will […]