Wedding budget: how to divide it and how to manage it.

Let’s talk about a very hot topic: the wedding budget. When we talk about weddings, we inevitably talk about wedding budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a destination wedding with lots of guests or an intimate wedding, the first thing you need to do is set a budget (which you’ll almost certainly go over). […]

Average wedding cost: Destination wedding in Italy

What is the average wedding cost of a destination wedding in Italy? Let’s start the year talking about planning and average cost for a wedding in Italy. Celebrating a fairytale wedding is priceless. Unfortunately, however, you have to deal with reality, and above all with your budget. If, in fact, at the sight of white […]

Winter Wedding in Umbria

Beautiful winter wedding set up for a destination wedding in umbria - Dream On wedding planner & designer in Italy

Organizing a wedding in Umbria in winter is a fantastic idea. In this post we want to talk about how to organize a wonderful wedding in Umbria in winter time. A wedding in winter has its own great charm we have talked about the advantages in our blog post: A wedding in winter in Italy, […]

Christmas wedding in Italy, is an available choice

Christmas wedding - detail of tableau de marriage - Dream On wedding planner & design in Umbria Italy

A Christmas wedding is certainly an unusual choice. Choosing a Christmas wedding is certainly a very particular choice. Choosing a destination wedding at Christmas is truly an out-of-the-ordinary choice…yet more and more couples are choosing it. Wedding at Christmas advantages If you think that getting married at Christmas is impossible or at least complicated, dear […]

5 Tips for your Winter Wedding in Italy

winter wedding in Italy - Dream On wedding planner Umbria Perugia

A winter wedding has a wonderful mood. Italy can offer you many options to organize your winter wedding, with interesting proposals and that make dream the most rational brides. We thought to share with you 5 tips for a perfect winter wedding in Italy. Plan a perfect Winter Wedding in Italy In fact, there are […]