Wedding abroad: 5 things to consider

Practical guide for wedding abroad. If your dream is to have a wedding abroad and get married in the country you love the most, then you are in the right place. In this blog post we will discuss the 5 things to consider before deciding where to get married away from home. If you’re ready, […]

Wedding Italy package: is it the best choice?

Wedding Italy package

Let’s talk about Wedding Italy packages, a formula that may seem like a solution. Many newlyweds planning their wedding in Italy look for Wedding Italy packages, but why? There are various reasons, some do it to optimise the time it takes to find suppliers, others think they are cheaper, and still others because they feel […]

Fabulous party in Apulia

A destination wedding planner on a special mission to Apulia for a Fabulous party It takes a good wedding planner to manage and set up a fabulous party in Apulia, and I went there.  Because I tell you about a fabulous party in Apulia? This blog is my way to help brides find useful information […]

Wedding Dress trend 2023: how many can you have?

Wedding dress trend 2023

Wedding dress trend 2023: the dress becomes multiplied, different times for different dresses. Wedding dress trend 2023, may not only be related to dress patterns but also to quantity. The wedding dress, is the icon of marriage; this is an absolute truth and has no frontiers of nations, cultures, religions or social conventions. The wedding […]

Wedding inspiration in Italy

Wedding inspiration in Italy

How to find your wedding inspiration in Italy. You’re looking for wedding inspiration in Italy, but where can you look for it? Which one is the right one? Today we answer the most Hamletian of all questions from brides who choose a wedding abroad in Italy: How exactly do I want my wedding to be? […]