Wedding design: why choose a vegetable-style wedding

wedding design

Plan your wedding design with a clear style in mind. Among the emerging trends in the world of wedding design, the vegetable style is gaining considerable popularity. This style is inspired by natural beauty and simplicity, using what nature has to offer to create an enchanting and harmonious atmosphere. If you are trying to figure […]

Wedding decoration idea: make your wedding in Italy.

wedding decoration idea

The winning wedding decoration idea lies in thinking beyond the common sense of style. When it comes to wedding decoration idea, every detail is crucial to emphasize the style and mood of the event. If you are a bride planning to get married in Italy, this article will be a source of inspiration, offering unique […]

Wedding design: come discover Dream On style

wedding design

An unconventional wedding involves a unique and unmistakable wedding design, here’s how to get it. Wedding design is the scenic design that makes a wedding truly extraordinary, even children know that. But in a market, the wedding market, where you flip through the pages of Pinterest and see the same things over and over again, […]

How to choose a wedding venue in Italy: start with a trip.

Your passion for travel and beautiful places will reveal how to choose the venue for your wedding. If you are wondering how to choose a wedding venue that perfectly suits your tastes and needs, it means that you are a bride-to-be 2025 or even 2026… Welcome to my blog! The initial phase of wedding vendor […]

Wedding photos: secrets for an unforgettable photo shoot in Italy

wedding photos

Wedding photos are the only tangible memory you will have of this special day; choosing a photographer is very important If there is one thing that will make your wedding in Italy truly memorable, it is the photo shoot. Immortalising the most exciting and significant moments of your big day is essential to preserve precious […]