Elope in Italy for an unforgettable wedding

elope in italy

An elope in Italy for a wedding that is unrivalled. Today we are talking about a very romantic topic: elope in Italy to get married. This blog post is dedicated to brides romantics, in love with the idea of love who want a special wedding full of deep emotions. Are you? Well, get comfortable we […]

Wedding planner in Italy: why it is important to have one

wedding planner in italy

Having a wedding planner in Italy will certainly be the best choice you can make for your wedding. Why choose a wedding planner in Italy instead of having one from your country that organizes your wedding remotely? In this article I will explain why I think that having a wedding planner operating in Italy will […]

Wedding Services for your wedding in Italy

Wedding Services for your wedding in Italy - Dream On Destination wedding planner in Italy

Services needed for a successful wedding. Wedding services are an aspect that should not be underestimated, the selection and quality of a service can make the difference between an extraordinary wedding and a disaster! I don’t want to scare you by talking about disasters, but I also can’t give the massage that “whatever happens, it […]

Wedding favors idea for your Wedding in Italy

Wedding favor idea

The winning  wedding favors idea in Italy is to look for handmade and typical Italian products. If you’re looking for the right idea for your wedding favours, you’ve come to the right place. We’re talking about what the French call cadeau de mariage, or a small gift that the bride and groom give their guests […]

Bridesmaids’ dress: how to integrate it into the wedding style.

Bridesmaids' dress: how to integrate it into the wedding style - Dream on destination wedding planner in Italy

The bridesmaids’ dress is a key scenic element. The bridesmaids have an important role in the whole event and their look must be in tune with the mood of the wedding.  The role of the bridesmaids The bridesmaids have a more than operational role in the organisation of the wedding. They almost always accompany the […]