Wedding abroad checklist: planning your special day in Italy

Wedding abroad checklist

Making a wedding abroad checklist’ is a great starting point for careful planning. Today we talk about what you should have in your checklist for your wedding abroad. You are in love with Italy and have decided to get married here, but organising a wedding abroad can seem like a complex challenge. Don’t worry, we […]

Wedding villas in Italy: a guide to wedding planning

wedding villas in Italy

Wedding villas are an extremely romantic choice; planning a wedding is a matter of details. If you are thinking of Wedding villas in Italy, this article is for you. Let’s see together how to plan a perfect villa without leaving anything out. Italy, a land of beauty and romance, offers a dream setting to celebrate […]

5 Ways to personalize your wedding in Italy

personalize your wedding

Personalize your wedding is an important goal, find out how to make your wedding in Italy, built on your tastes How can I personalize my wedding to the maximum? We get asked this question a lot, I admit…. Brides sometimes have an idea, but need their own way and inspiration to put it into practice […]

How to find a wedding venue in Italy

find wedding venue in Italy

To find a wedding venue for your wedding is the most important step, let’s find out how to go about making the right choice. When brides start planning their wedding one of the first questions they ask themselves is: How to find the perfect wedding venue? In this article, we will guide you through the […]

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Designer: differences for a Perfect Wedding

wedding planner

Two complementary but not equal roles, those of the wedding planner and the wedding designer, which can sometimes merge together. If you are planning your wedding, you need both a wedding planner and a wedding designer; especially if you are planning a destination wedding, these two professionals can literally save your life. Planning a wedding […]

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