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Wedding design: why choose a vegetable-style wedding

Plan your wedding design with a clear style in mind.

Among the emerging trends in the world of wedding design, the vegetable style is gaining considerable popularity.

This style is inspired by natural beauty and simplicity, using what nature has to offer to create an enchanting and harmonious atmosphere.

If you are trying to figure out which style best represents you and which you want to bring to your wedding; this article will help you decide whether to consider the vegetal style or shelve it for ever

(but before you make any drastic choices, read the whole article and also take advantage of all the tools we will provide you with while reading; I can’t spoil anything but trust us!).

Main features of a plant-based wedding design

How do I design a vegetal style wedding? What kind of bride does this mood suit? How do I know if it’s right for me?

Let’s answer a few questions!

 Use of Natural Elements

The core of plant design is the creative and abundant use of natural elements.

Plants, flowers, fresh and dried fruit, natural wood, grass and moss are just a few of the ingredients that can be combined to create breathtaking settings.

Each natural element tells a story and contributes to a cosy and relaxing ambience.

Fresh and dried fruit

The inclusion of fresh and dried fruit not only adds vibrant colours and interesting textures, but also brings a touch of freshness and vitality.

Imagine centrepieces decorated with pomegranates, figs, citrus fruits and grapes, or hanging decorations with berries and leaves.

Fruit is not only a decorative element, but can also be a delicious snack for guests.

Natural wood

Wood, with its unique grain and warm tone, is perfect for adding a rustic and elegant touch.

Unfinished wooden tables, vintage-style chairs, arches and altars decorated with woven branches can transform any space into a natural piece of paradise.

Colours and Material Combinations

The colour palette of a plant-based wedding tends to be inspired by the colours of nature: lush greens, earthy browns, pure whites and touches of vibrant colours such as yellow, orange and red.

Combining natural materials such as linen, cotton, jute and silk with plant elements creates a harmonious and sophisticated visual effect.

Grass and moss

For an even more natural touch, the use of grass and moss can be incredibly effective.

Moss paths, grass place cards and even green walls can turn a wedding into a real enchanted garden.

Who does the vegetal style suit?

The vegetable style wedding is ideal for couples who love nature and want an event that reflects their respect for the environment and their taste for natural aesthetics.

This style is perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere, a mix of simplicity and sophistication.

Brides who choose this style tend to be people with a strong connection to nature, appreciate authentic details and desire a wedding that is a true extension of their personality.

Vegetable wedding design and the Dream On team

At Dream On, we love to design plant-based weddings.

Our passion for nature and design leads us to constantly explore new combinations of materials, colours and natural elements.

We enjoy creating settings that surprise and enchant, combining tradition and innovation in a perfect balance.

Tips for designing a plant-based wedding

If you are thinking of this mood for your wedding, here are our tips to help you plan it by taking the right steps.

Choose the right venue: Italy offers a wide range of locations perfect for a plant-based wedding, from historic gardens to country estates (we’ll leave you a gift at the end of this post).

Start with the details: focus on small details that can make a big difference, such as wooden place cards, herbal scented candles, and spontaneous floral decorations.

Work with nature: Use seasonal flowers and local materials to ensure an authentic and sustainable design.
Ask for a consultation: our experience and passion can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Book a free consultation: with us to start planning your dream wedding.

A plant-based wedding is not only a celebration of love, but also a tribute to the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Be inspired by nature and let us help you create an unforgettable event.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you develop your plan for a beautiful and unforgettable

And now your bonus!!

Since we’ve said that the choice of wedding venue is crucial to the choice of plant style, but in fact it is crucial to the design of whatever style you choose.

Click the button below and download the guide we created for designing your wedding in Italy and the selection of the most beautiful wedding venues from north to south of the country onto your device for free!

See you soon


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