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7 good reasons to hire a wedding planner

If until 10-15 years ago hiring a wedding planner seemed something you only saw in movies, today there are many future spouses who decide to opt for a professional in organizing weddings.

How come?

The reasons are many, but they can be summarized in the simple formula

“less stress, more magic”

The wedding day in everyone’s imagination is seen as something fairytale, but not everyone thinks of the countless hours of planning and (sometimes) unforeseen events that precede it.

Hiring a wedding planner can therefore be the first step towards the dream wedding you’ve always imagined. But let’s see in detail the 7 good reasons to hire a wedding planner:

1- Because she is a professional

The first reason is trivial, but essential. However creative and willing relatives and friends may be, they will never reach the level of experience of a wedding planner, which clearly is by profession.

If by chance something should go wrong, you will not want to offend those who helped you in the organization, while with a professional it is easier to express exactly how you would like your wedding, in order to realize the desired event.

2- Because she knows the environment 

Direct consequence of the point above: a wedding planner knows how to move in the bridal sector, so she can direct you without fail to the best suppliers. In this way you will avoid having to waste time looking for catering, photographer, etc … but you will already have a range of professionals to choose from.

3- Because she knows how to manage a budget

Faced with fabulous wedding dresses and wonderful locations it is easy to indulge in unexpected expenses…after all, we only get married once! However, a wedding planner can bring you back to earth for a moment and help you stick to your planned budget (which by no means means organizing a Spartan wedding, quite the opposite!

4- To take care of the more “boring” tasks 

Given that a wedding is not all flowers and clouds of tulle, you must also think about the documents to be presented (both for the civil ceremony and for the religious one), to take care of the suppliers’ quotes … A wedding planner can take care of this, letting you enjoy the more frivolous aspects of the preparations.

5- To be less stressed

Organizing your wedding is nice, but as already mentioned it requires a lot of time and (unfortunately) stress. In order not to ruin something that should be a good memory, resorting to a professional can help you have everything under control and better manage your time.

6- Because she can create a fairytale wedding for you

A good wedding planner knows her future spouses well and knows how to quickly understand how they dream of their wedding. It goes without saying that he will be able to create a personalized event that is perfect for their needs and personalities.

From the choice of the colors of the decorations, to a particular theme, to the location you have always dreamed of… everything will be perfect!

7- Because it is essential for a Destination Wedding

If you are a foreign couple and want to organize a wedding in Italy, you will certainly not be able to follow the preparations closely and it is therefore necessary to be able to count on a reference figure on site, who takes care of the whole organization and listens to the your wishes in order to give the event the direction you want.

We have listed 7 reasons to hire a wedding planner but the list goes on and on .. find out the other good ones on our website!

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