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A wedding in Italy can be both an extraordinary event and a travel experience.

If you are planning your wedding in italy, you should think about the fact that you can make it even more special by adding the beautiful experience of sharing a trip to your event.

A wedding is a travel, start by travelling. There are so many things you can do and suggest to your guests. In this post, we want to give you some suggestions to give you an idea of the different options to choose from.

Honeymoon in Italy

Plan your honeymoon in Italy, take the opportunity to treat yourself to an unforgettable trip by touring and touching different regions from the north to the south of Italy. The fact that you are already here allows you to optimise time and costs related to travel.

Split the trip into 2 phases

Ideally, you should divide your honeymoon into 2 parts. The first part a real trip: visiting cities of art, museums, excursions etc…The second part a holiday, choosing a truly magical place for you and relaxing in a beautiful hotel with spa and room service.

The wedding in Italy continuing with a trip.

If you are an alternative person and want to share this experience with your family or close friends, then you can think of organising a trip with them as a continuation of the wedding.

Organise a well-defined tour

You can choose a precise itinerary together and divide your time between visiting the most beautiful cities in Italy and tasting typical food. A great time to spend together with your loved ones, to ensure that the wedding party is not limited to just one day.

Suggest to guests where to go after the wedding in Italy.

A very nice thought would be to suggest to the wedding guests different activities to do and things to see if they stay in Italy a few days after the wedding. If you organise a small wedding site, include a dedicated post-wedding space. That is, a selection of things your guests can do. Include useful information on how to book the activities you suggest, as well as maps of how to get there.

Our advice

Our advice to you is to suggest places and activities in the region where the wedding is held. Not all guests will want to travel a lot and if you suggest places that are close by and can be reached without stress, they will certainly be happy.

Planning a destination wedding in Italy is all about the details.

Planning the perfect wedding can be seen in the attention you pay to detail. Taking care of your guests’ wellbeing and making sure your wedding is an extraordinary experience for them will certainly be your trump card. We believe that venues inspire people, and we’ve covered this in several articles on our blog. TThat’s why we’ve created a guide to tell you about venues and the wonderful options you can have. Download our free catalogue of the best places to get married in Italy.  

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