Wedding favours ideas, for your wedding in Italy

Wedding favours ideas

Wedding favours, what to choose for a wedding in Italy. Today, let’s talk about wedding favours ideas, resolve a few doubts on this topic and give some ideas to help you out. The choice of wedding favours can put many couples in crisis; the first question is: do we want them or not? So before […]

Weddings in Italy: ideas for weddings in Umbria

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Discover weddings in Italy among ancient villages and perfect organisation without sacrificing comfort. Weddings in Italy always have great charm, romantic, elegant and celebrated in unique venues. Today I want to take you through an extraordinary region of Italy: Umbria. I feel strong in this article to talk about it; Umbria is my land and […]

Rain on your wedding day: it can happen

Rain on your wedding day - Dream On wedding planner

Rain on your wedding day, the watchword is no panic. Even if you get married in Italy it can rain on your wedding day, that is to be reckoned with anywhere in the world and at any time of year. As the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette says “It’s like rain on your wedding day”. […]

How much does it cost a wedding in Italy?

How much does it cost a wedding in Italy

How much does it cost a wedding in Italy? today we answer this question. One of the first questions couples ask us is: how much does a wedding in Italy cost? We know that costs and budget are fundamental elements in planning a wedding, in fact we can say that they are the most important. […]

Wedding Dresses for wedding abroad: choose Made in Italy.

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Wedding dresses: getting married in Italy and having a dress made in Italy Wedding dresses are the most important iconic element of a wedding. After the choice of wedding venue, in order of importance, there are the wedding dresses. Everyone waits to see the bride’s dress at a wedding, no matter what country you are […]