How much does it cost a wedding in Italy

How much does it cost a wedding in Italy?

How much does it cost a wedding in Italy? today we answer this question. 

One of the first questions couples ask us is: how much does a wedding in Italy cost?

We know that costs and budget are fundamental elements in planning a wedding, in fact we can say that they are the most important.

Today we will try to unravel the mystery, debunk a few false myths and give you clear answers so that you can make your choice based on real data. 

How much does it cost to get married in Italy: debunking false myths

To the question how much does it cost to get married in Italy I will answer it as honestly and accurately as possible: 


Those who do not reveal the costs clearly are hiding something so be careful, those who instead shoot out random figures are not reliable, watch out!

Now I will explain why I decided to say “it depends

The cost of a wedding in general, not only if you organise it in Italy, can vary and by a lot.

There are so many factors that determine the price of a wedding that, despite my experience, I am always very surprised when I hear professionals say that a wedding can cost between around 30,000 euro and 100,000 euro.

I always ask myself: how do you make these calculations?

Now, I understand that you have to give the bride and groom a spending range, but I can only give you these numbers after we have talked, you have explained to me what you want, what your idea is and what you expect from the wedding.

Only then can I tell you approximately how much you could spend. 

Now I’ll let you in on a secret 

The wedding is built around the budget and not the other way around.

The first step for successful planning is to establish together with your partner how much money you want to invest for the wedding.

(To this amount you have decided on, add 10%, so you have the total amount you will spend. The 10% is the money you will go over budget…trust me, it is).

Once you have decided how much you want to spend, build the wedding.

Having a good wedding planner means having an experienced person to help you allocate the budget in a functional way and to give you a selection of suppliers and solutions that meet your expectations and are in line with the budget. 

This factor is crucial, never underestimate it! 

I know that there are a thousand ways to organize your wedding yourself and it is true that with a good dose of organizational spirit, a lot of time on your hands and infinite patience you can do it! 

If this is your way, know that you have my full support and I invite you to “hang out” on our social pages and this blog. 

For brides who want to organise their wedding like real wedding planners, we always publish useful tips and tricks from the experts.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have so much time, if you want to have a support person to solve your problems and to talk to, make a budget for your wedding planner. 

How much does a wedding cost in Italy: The wedding planner

Now the question in your head is: ok but how much does the wedding planner cost? 


No I am not fooling you with my answers!  Believe me this is the most honest answer you can get.

A wedding planner, as with all things, has a variable cost.

You can find those who have a fixed price depending on the service or those who take their fee as a percentage of the budget spent, which is usually around 10% (example: if you have a wedding that costs 30,000 euro, the wedding planner’s fee will be 3000.00 euro).

On the choice of the wedding planner, the first thing that is usually advised to the bride who types on google: “how to choose the perfect wedding planner” is: look at the weddings she has done, read the reviews, ask for information…but these are things that everyone knows by now.

What I don’t think anyone ever tells you is: choose her with your heart too! 

Obviously do your research and analyse everything rationally, but then choose with your instinct.

The relationship between the bride and the wedding planner must also be made up of chemistry, mutual understanding, a communion of style… remember that the wedding planner is

  • your eyes where you cannot see;
  • your guide when there is confusion around you 
  • your calm when you are in the middle of the storm. 

I promised to dispel the false myths about how much a wedding in Italy costs

There are ‘beliefs’ in the minds of brides about weddings in Italy that are very often not true, let’s look at some of them together.

Weddings in Italy do not have to be expensive

Let’s start by saying that it is not true that you have to have a big budget to get married in Italy. 

If you have few guests and therefore opted for an Intimate wedding, I suggest you read here you will find all the tips you need to organise it perfectly.

A small wedding with great attention to detail really costs less and the final result is always very impressive. 

Mind you, this does not mean that we cannot organise dream weddings with high budgets, it just depends on you and what you want.

It is not true that suppliers in Italy do not speak English.

This may sound funny to you, but several brides and grooms I met were convinced that organising a wedding in Italy with Italian suppliers would give them communication problems… it’s not true! I

 wedding professionals, especially those specialising in destination weddings, speak English and often have native speakers as well. 

Time zone is not a problem

If you think that we can have intermittent communication because of the time difference… you are wrong!

Our phones are rarely switched off and we are used to organising our communication with the bride and groom efficiently according to need and taking time zones into account.

How much does a wedding in Italy cost: it’s up to you

Your wedding is a wonderful moment that should reflect who you are. 

Organising it in Italy is simpler than you think, you need: 

  • clear ideas
  • elasticity
  • passion.

You will find a country that will welcome you and make your wedding a reality. 

Marriage is built around the budget but this is not synonymous with renouncing but only with good organization and knowledge of the options. 

I’m starting to let you dream….

if you click the button below, you will be able to download the most incredible online catalogue with a selection of wedding venues in Italy that suit different budgets and that you can design according to your wishes. 

Start visualising your wedding in Italy now.

If you want, ask us about the feasibility of your project, we will find the best solutions for you together.

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