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How to choose the best wedding venue in Italy

How do you choose the best wedding venue in Italy? All brides who choose Italy as the country to fly for their wedding, have typed at least once on Google “best wedding venue in Italy“. 

But which are the best places to get married in the “Bel Paese”? 

It’s simple: the best place is the one you choose.

The one that will make your heart beat faster, the one that will make you say “WOW”, the one that you know is perfect for you. 

As for views, you have to choose just if you want sea, mountain, hill, lake… in Italy you will not have to limit yourself in choosing or compromise

There are world-famous places such as Tuscany, Apulia, and the Amalfi Coast…

so how can you make the right choice without going crazy? 

How to choose the best wedding venue for you

To make a wise choice you need to start with your priorities, 

  • choose the setting (the landscape and the atmosphere you want to evoke)
  • Evaluate the costs and check that they are in line with your budget
  • keep in mind the airports and transport links (if you have guests travelling, you need to ensure they can get to the wedding venue easily)
  • find places that can accommodate your friends and family, so make sure there are hotels, B&Bs, etc. that can provide overnight accommodation for guests near the venue.

If you set off with these coordinates in mind, you will certainly make a perfect choice. 

This is not easy choice your best wedding venue in Italy

We know it can’t be easy, especially if you’re so far away, but we’re sure that if you study and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to rely on good professionals and everything will be perfect.

Being a popular destination for weddings makes Italy an extremely specialised country regarding the organization of destination weddings.

As we said just before, there are places in Italy that are famous all over the world.

Conventional venues

In such places as Tuscany, Apulia and the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find super-famous venues where you can have the perfect wedding. 

Villa Cimbrone, Borgo Egnazia and Catello Odescalchi are wonderful locations that are featured on the covers of magazines. 

They make many brides dream and are truly super organised and structured to host destination weddings. 

The result is guaranteed!

Unconventional venues 

However, Italy is also made up of villages to be discovered, narrow streets, typical shops and hidden landscapes. 

In addition to the super-famous places, there are equally beautiful areas yet to be discovered and appreciated.

If you are looking for the Italy of particularities, if you have the soul of a “discoverer of treasures” then you are in the right place. 

We want to talk to you about traditions, old trades and ancient workshops; we want to talk to you about beautiful villages that can host your wedding. 

There are regions such as Umbria, for example, which has some absolutely perfect solutions for destination weddings.

Umbria is on the border with Lazio and Tuscany and merges with these regions in the landscape. 

Here you can find solutions for celebrating your wedding that are absolutely unconventional but full of wonders. 

So come and discover unconventional Italy if you are an unconventional bride. 

To give you an idea of the endless options you have, you can download the free resource 

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