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Ceremony dresses for guests – All the 2021 trends

When you are invited to a wedding, the choice of look is crucial, because you need to know how to combine elegance, dress code and fashion inspirations. Speaking of the latter, the 2021 wedding ceremony dresses for guests trends see a return to fantasy and originality, with a touch of nostalgia for past eras.

From the unusual shades of color, to the return to the glamorous atmosphere of the Eighties, never like this year can you challenge the classic rules of bon ton and show off an outfit that is a little out of the box for both her and him. All this, of course, without sacrificing the elegance that the occasion requires.

Here is a rundown of the 2021 trends for formal wear for guests and some tips for choosing them based on the type of event.

1- Romantic fantasies

Floral patterned fabrics are a great classic for a ceremony look. This year we find them in two versions, both on light and fluttering dresses for a ceremony in the countryside, and in a brand new version with delicate bohemian-style embroidery, perfect for a wedding in the city. The ideal is to choose a light-colored dress, with contrasting embroidery and a casual cut.

For men, on the other hand, green light for damask floral patterns on the jacket, to be chosen in classic colors such as blue or unusual colors such as burgundy and green.

2- Bright colors

In addition to the always current pastel shades, the 2021 trends for the guest look offer bright colors and bright color contrasts. We therefore have colored ceremony dresses in yellow, orange and electric blue, ideal for those who want to dare.

However, in order not to give up elegance, the strong colors are combined with romantic fabrics such as tulle or lace and with models with wide and fluffy skirts.

3- Vintage style

Those who love the fashion of past eras, can choose a formal dress that recalls the style of the Eighties, with shiny fabrics and jeweled clutch bags. This look is perfect for a late night reception and late night dancing.

Another proposal comes from the 1950s, with a ceremony dresses for guests look that offers dresses with a tight bodice and full skirt, which can be worn for both a daytime and evening ceremony.

4- Trouser suit

The 2021 trends for formal wear also see the return of the masculine style, with classic trouser suits and long, wraparound jumpsuits. This type of look is an excellent alternative for those who do not like the long dress.

It is in fact a very elegant outfit, but at the same time more practical and gritty. The advice is to opt for a suit with wide pants on the bottom, to be combined with high heels.

5- Eccentric details for him

Even the guest can dare with unusual looks, choosing tailored suits in strong colors or totally breaking the mold with a white wedding dress for an outdoor wedding.

Finally, for those who are more courageous, you can wear a classic tuxedo made special by shiny fabric details, for example on the lapels of the jacket or on the bow tie.

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