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Fabulous party in Apulia

A destination wedding planner on a special mission to Apulia for a Fabulous party

It takes a good wedding planner to manage and set up a fabulous party in Apulia, and I went there.

 Because I tell you about a fabulous party in Apulia?

This blog is my way to help brides find useful information and ideas for their wedding in Italy.

With this goal, Dream on Wedding blog was born.
It is not only dedicated to my clients or potential clients, it was born to talk to brides.

Today I make a variation to the informative mood of the blog, and tell you about a fabulous party in Apulia that I did.

From time to time I let you in on the actual making of an event, so I can share some of my “behind the scenes” work with you.

Let’s talk today about the 40th birthday party of Wedding Marketing specialist Ines Pesce.
A marketer who specializes in the wedding industry had no choice but to entrust an experienced wedding planner with the realization of her event party.

Fabulous party: the set-up.

The set-up project for Ines’ 40th birthday party was one of the most challenging of the season.

When she informed me a few months ago that she wanted to organize this party with a bold and eclectic theme that represented her style, I immediately knew there would be fun to be had!

The “Jungle Ecletctic” theme perfectly represents the sophisticated, original personality of the birthday girl. For this reason, we decided to include some quirky or whimsical elements with some eccentric notes in the decoration.

Organizing the event at Daruma space gave us the freedom to have all the necessary space and work freely on the previous day.

The evening’s entertainment revolved around the prestigious DJ set, so we furnished a functional space to transfer this centrality.

A large stage with console was set up in the center of the area outside the veranda. Around it, a series of lounges in petrol green tones with animalier details delimited the dance area.

The veranda was designated as a food and beverage area: a large central bar with mixology service prepared elaborate cocktails for the occasion, and Apulian specialties on the lap delighted guests.

 The party decor

Here upholstered sofas in petrol green colors, furniture and accessories evoking the jungle theme (exotic animals, animalier patterns) was made more sophisticated and glittering through the use of gold.

The natural element was incorporated by using natural fiber and rope furnishings and through the use of many exotic plants.

The end result was really exciting, starting from an industrial space daily used as an office.

In a few hours of work, we achieved a club atmosphere worthy of a trendy venue and it was very exciting–especially considering the weather vicissitudes we had in the afternoon..

How to prepare a fabulous party.

The prep work for Ines’ event began several days earlier in our warehouse lab in Perugia.

(Dream on Wedding is located here in Perugia in the heart of Italy.)

Wanting to give the set-up an original look, we tried to use many custom-made elements.

The predominant petrol green color in the event was finished to tint geometric elements, carpeted panels and decorative pillows to match sophisticated velvet sofas.

Loaded to the brim with the van, we set off for charming Puglia certain of a favorable weather forecast throughout the weekend.

We devote about a day and a half of work to assembling the material when … around 2 p.m., the day of the event, a strong wind begins to rise in our area.

Within a few hours the gusts became increasingly violent and we discovered the disturbing reality:

we would shortly find ourselves at the point of passage of a whirlwind with gusts of 70 km/H.

 Nothing jeopardizes the realization of a fabulous party.

We prepared to secure all the furniture and furnishings, anchoring everything we could on the ground , tying down plants, anchoring and sheltering everything we could.

We were monitoring the shifting of the currents with Sergio’s (Ines’ husband and experienced sailor) instrumentation.

Around 6 p.m. … as feared, a wind of such intensity and violence swept over the city that it knocked down trees.
In our fixing job held, making sure that we had no damage to the party setup.

(I can’t reveal how I anchored the cushions on the sofas so they wouldn’t fly, you’ll just need to know that I went hard.)

(I can’t reveal how I anchored the pillows on the sofas so they wouldn’t fly, you’ll just need to know that I went hard.)

Once the “hurricane” had passed, as expected, the wind gradually died down, Ines delayed the arrival of the guests for an hour to give us time to clean up what the wind had soiled and restore the props and small decoration.

When 9:30 p.m. saw the first guests arrive we were excited , exhausted but extremely happy that everything was back to normal!

 A fabulous party done by a wedding planner.

You may be wondering why I told you this story.

I felt like sharing and letting people know how much work, pathos and passion is behind an event. No matter how big or small if it is a wedding or a birthday party.

Those who, like me, do this work with passion and dedication make no difference of the type of event.

The only yardstick I know to measure my work is the satisfaction and happiness of the people who take part in it.


I have set up hundreds of events, in the most diverse venues, so I thought I would share with my readers, some of the most beautiful venues I hold in my heart that are perfect for destination weddings in Italy.

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