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Intimate weddings in Italy: how to find venues for your dream wedding

The intimate wedding needs the perfect venue to be planned: our tips plus a gift at the end.

Dreaming of an intimate and romantic wedding is the wish of many brides, and Italy offers a wide range of fairytale wedding venues to make this dream come true.

The perfect venue options for an intimate wedding in Italy.

If you dream of taking a plane with your closest friends and relatives and planning a dream wedding in Italy, you are in the right venue.

You should know that each region in Italy has its own characteristics, culinary, cultural and architectural.

What you need to decide, is the mood of your wedding: Fairytale castle? Country farmhouse? Sea-view wedding venue?

What is your idea of the perfect wedding?

Here are some destinations that capture the essence of love where you can create the perfect intimate wedding.

  • Historic villas and secret gardens
    Historic Italian villas set in secret gardens are paradise for an intimate wedding. With architecture steeped in history and blooming gardens, they offer a romantic setting to exchange vows of love.
  • Rustic Tuscan Landscapes
    Tuscany is renowned for its hilly landscapes and rustic villages.
    Choosing a Tuscan farmhouse or agriturismo offers a cosy and authentic atmosphere, perfect for an intimate and informal wedding.
  • Enchanted beaches of the Amalfi Coast.
    For a wedding with a sea view, the Amalfi Coast is unrivalled. Its picturesque beaches, breathtaking views and small coastal villages create a magical setting for a romantic ceremony.
  • Dream Castles in Umbria
    Umbria’s ancient castles offer a fairytale setting for intimate weddings.
    With medieval courtyards and panoramic views, they create a regal atmosphere for an unforgettable day.
  • Mountain refuges in Trentino-Alto Adige.
    For mountain lovers, mountain huts in Trentino-South Tyrol are the ideal choice. The fresh air, Alpine views and the feeling of being far from the world make these places perfect for intimate weddings.

How to plan an intimate wedding in Italy

If, after reading our tips, you are even more convinced that you want an intimate wedding in the ‘bel paese’, here are some suggestions to start your planning effectively.

  1. Choose a venue that reflects your style and personality.
  2. Opt for a small number of guests to create a more intimate atmosphere.
  3. Personalise the ceremony with details that have special meaning for you.
  4. Collaborate with local suppliers to ensure an authentic touch.

Choosing one of these locations for your wedding in Italy means immersing yourself in a unique experience.

Italy offers an unparalleled stage for weddings that celebrate love in all its nuances.

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