Italian wedding ceremonies

Italian wedding ceremonies

How to choose the right kind of Italian wedding ceremonies for you.

Today our blog is dedicated to all brides who are wondering what kind of ceremony to have for their wedding in Italy.

The ceremony is the most solemn moment of the whole wedding, you laugh yes I want it, for life.

It is a moment full of strong emotions and involves the bride and groom but also all the guests.
For this reason, organizing it perfectly and in the right way must necessarily be a priority.

This choice is not complicated, you just need to make it in the right time, so that, if necessary, you will have time to prepare the documents that are needed.

If you choose a civil and/or religious ceremony, all documents should be sent to the relevant authorities, in advance and following very precise procedures.

Every country has its own rules regarding the bureaucratic procedures for celebrating a marriage, in Italy these procedures are not too complicated but you need to get well informed and follow everything precisely.

But let’s go one step by step…

Italian wedding ceremonies: What are the types of ceremonies available to you.

First, let’s start by understanding what your options are and what are the different types of ceremonies you can choose from.
Let’s look at the differences between them and the different ways of organizing them.

You can choose 3 different types of ceremonies:

  • Symbolic wedding ceremony
  • Religious ceremony
  • Civil wedding ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

The symbolic ceremony is the most chosen ceremony among brides and grooms in recent years, especially among couples who choose Italy as the destination of their wedding abroad.

This ceremony has no legal value but has a symbolic and spiritual value.

Precisely because it is so in demand many celebrants have specialized in types of rituals from which one can choose such as the rite of light or the rite of sand, and more.

The symbolic ceremony has a very emotional impact because speeches are often provided by the bride and groom and family members.

The symbolic ceremony has several advantages:

— There is no paperwork to go through (although as a wedding planner I can assist my bride and groom at any stage in obtaining the necessary documents);

— You can freely choose how to organize it without any constraints. You will need a good celebrant with whom to build the ceremony you desire in a totally personalized way. Even at this stage I can accompany my wedding couples in finding the type of celebration that suits them best;

— You can choose the venue of the celebration; this is one of the most important aspects, in my opinion, that drives more and more couples to choose this rite. Unlike religious and civil rites where there are limitations in choosing the venue for the wedding; with the symbolic rite this problem does not arise.

You can arrange the rite wherever you want and with the scenery you desire.

Civil wedding ceremonies.

Marriage by civil rite, is a marriage with legal value.

In Italy, marriages celebrated by civil rite are recognized worldwide.

The bureaucratic paperwork is not the easiest to do, which is why I do not advise you to do it yourself, but to rely on those who are in Italy and are familiar with the procedures and know how to relate to the offices of the competent authorities ( among our services you will also find support in dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork).

The rite can be personalized by including readings, reciting promises written by the bride and groom, music etc.

The officiant will be a person delegated and authorized by the municipality where you are getting married.

Civil ceremonies can be held in government-approved venues such as town halls, which are often in old and very impressive buildings.
The good news is that many wedding venues in Italy are recognized as authorized venues, so you can have beautiful wedding rites right at the venue where you will have your reception.

When choosing a wedding venue, ask if it is possible to have a civil wedding ceremony there.

Italian wedding ceremonies: Religious wedding rite

If you are Catholic and decide to have a religious rite for your wedding, in Italy you will find some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in the world.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only be celebrated in consecrated places and can be held outdoors.

In Italy Catholic marriage can also have civil validity, but the procedure is not simple so if I can give you some advice it is to get married civilly in your country and then have the religious rite in Italy.

If you are of the Protestant faith in Italy you can safely do the rite in the place and ways prescribed by your religious beliefs. The marriage will not automatically have civil value.

Unlike a Catholic wedding, the Protestant blessing can be held anywhere besides in church.

For Jewish weddings, you will find large Jewish communities in Italy to which you can refer your wedding.
To streamline the procedure you might consider bringing your rabbi directly for the celebration.

Italian wedding ceremonies: find the one that’s right for you

Find your perfect solution and match it with all the wedding planning.
Do not leave this choice behind as it will be a key element in wedding planning.

If you want to have your wedding ceremony at the same venue as the reception, when you find the wedding venue of your dreams, find out right away what kind of ceremony they can have for you.

Below you will find the catalog I made to help you make the right choice and make your wedding a perfect mosaic.

Download the catalog for free and start planning your wedding in Italy now.

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