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Italy wedding photographer: 5 steps for a worry-free choice.

Italy wedding photographer is an important choice, let’s see how to make it without any nasty surprises.

Italy wedding photographer is one of the most searched key words by married couples on google, do you know why?

Because the wedding photographer is a very important choice and one of the most difficult to make.

To the photographer you will entrust the story of one of the most important moments of your life; he will be your eyes where you do not look.

The search for a photographer is among the things that most concern newlyweds. Many times with my couples when it came to choosing a photographer the phrase I heard most often is:

‘I recommend Eleonora, we want the best! The photos are one of the things we care about most’.

It is only fair that the wedding photo shoot should be high on your list of priorities, over the years it will be the tangible memory of your wedding and the photos will have the power to make you relive it again and again!

How to choose italy wedding photographer

Precisely because the choice is so important, I thought I would share 5 steps that I consider fundamental and that I myself use when choosing photographers.

These tips will allow you to make a more rational choice and avoid problems on your wedding day.

Step 1: Choose the style of the wedding photographer

The great good fortune of the new generation of brides and grooms is that you have the web at your disposal.
You have access to a lot of information and your choice becomes endless.

Having too much choice, however, could also be counterproductive, so I advise you to identify a photographic style you like and focus on analysing photographers who respect this stylistic parameter.

The choice of style is absolutely subjective so search the net and make a list of 5 photographers you like.

Step 2: define your budget for italy wedding photographer

The budget for choosing a photographer must also be defined. according to the importance of this service for you and in relation to the total budget for the event, decide how much you want to spend.

This figure will be very helpful in the final choice of photographer.

(If you then fall in love with a photographer who costs more than the budget you have set, it will be up to you to decide whether to go over or not).

Start your search for the Italy wedding photographer well in advance to be able to hire him on your wedding date.

An expert’s alert: the photographer is one of the wedding suppliers who first fills his diary with wedding dates, so timing becomes your own so you don’t have to settle.

Step 3: Personal interview with Italy wedding photographer

Make an appointment to meet the professionals in person (a video call will also do).

In addition to having the photographic style you like, there should be a spark, a feeling between you.

The photographer will be with you on your wedding day, every moment, and you must feel at ease.

I advise you not to underestimate this emotional aspect, because on your wedding day you will need to have people around you that you like and that will relieve your stress.

For your meeting, prepare questions with doubts and suggestions.
Also ask to see a complete photo shoot.

This question may seem strange to you but believe me it is not.

Theoretically you will select a photographer for the photos you will see on his social channels and his website.
Obviously he will show his best work there; ask to see a full photo shoot to get a more exact overview of all his work.

Step 4: Decision

Have you found everything you are looking for?

If the work he has shown you reflects your preferences and you have managed to create the right feeling, the photographs will be as spontaneous and perfect as you desire.

If all the ingredients are there and they are right, you will be on the same wavelength and nothing can go wrong.

Everything will be familiar and spontaneous and you will be able to abandon yourself to the camera lens.

A close and unbreakable relationship is created between photographer and bride and groom.

Step 5: Conditions and contract

Let us now talk about practical and useful things that will give you peace of mind.

The contract is a key element in having a clear and binding relationship on both sides.

In fact, the function of the contract is precisely to protect the bride and groom and to the same extent the suppliers.

Make sure the contract is:

  • clear and transparent – which services are included in the agreed price.
  • that the time of service is specified as the price can also be calculated by the hour. All this is relevant for establishing a final price.
  • that the workflow is precisely stated: from the execution of the photographs to the final editing, it is necessary to know everything about a photographer’s work in advance.
  • be clear about delivery times. These are essential to know when you can receive the photos. Post production work is not simple, so it can vary from professional to professional. Also specify the image format, resolution, quantity and copies.

Italy wedding photographer: why choose an Italian professional.

My advice has always been, and always will be, to choose suppliers from the venue where you are getting married.

An Italian professional knows the area perfectly well, can obtain many things such as authorisations to photograph you in special and reserved venues, can give your photo shoot a more exquisitely Italian mood (if you are getting married in italy, I suppose that is exactly what you are looking for).

In a more practical sense, it helps you with your budget; you won’t have to deal with crazy travel expenses, accommodation, etc.

This huge saving will give you more money to invest in hiring the best photographer possible.

Italian wedding photographers are an incredible resource, artists of the image, lovers of beauty and always (or almost always) extremely amusing and friendly.

They have nothing to envy their colleagues from all over the world.

The suggestions I have given you are 5 of the most important parameters that I also consider when choosing a photographer and I, just as I have suggested to you, meet them in person (or on video call) and ask many many questions!

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