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5 ideas for marriage proposal in Italy

The marriage proposal is the first official step for a couple towards a life together.

The wedding proposal is an important step in a couple’s life. Today we will give you some tips on how to organise your wedding proposal in Italy.

If you, who are reading this, are the person who would like to receive a marriage proposal, make sure that this post lands on the screen of the right person… your fiancé!

How to organise a marriage proposal in Italy

Organizing a marriage proposal abroad is something that many couples choose, especially those who love to travel and who associate unique emotions in their lives with special places. 

If your wish is to fly to Italy for your marriage proposal, here are some tips to organize it in the best possible way!

Choose the perfect place for your marriage proposal

Italy is full of romantic places with wonderful views, you just have to choose the right setting for you. 

You can choose the Alps or romantic Venice, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast or the rolling hills of Tuscany…

The first thing to do is to find the perfect place (just like when you plan your wedding).

It can be by the sea, in a castle, on a Belvedere with a breathtaking view, or on the street perhaps on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

To choose the right place you need to:

  • have in mind the final effect you want to achieve,
  • choose a place that means something to both of you,
  • always think about your partner’s tastes and don’t do things that are far from your style. 

Choose local suppliers for the marriage proposal

If you think that you and your partner are enough for the marriage proposal...mmm that might not be exactly the case!!!

If you have an unforgettable moment in mind you’ll need a few professionals to help you out!!!

The photographer is one of them; you need someone to make this moment immortal

The florist if you want a wonderful bouquet of flowers to appear out of nowhere

The video maker if you want to turn the marriage proposal into a film to watch over time

I could mention many others…but it all depends on what you want.

The fact remains that choosing local suppliers will help you organise everything better and why not…save some money on your budget!

Marriage proposal: get help from a professional

To be able to organise everything in detail, especially without stress and keeping your budget under control, you can ask for the support of a professional.

A wedding planner could be the right solution. 

Always choose someone who knows the place where you want to propose, their knowledge will be your winning card.

As simple as what you have in mind may be, having someone to act as an orchestra conductor behind the scenes will certainly make you more relaxed!

Maybe the wedding planner you choose for the wedding proposal could also organise the wedding in the future! 

That would be really romantic, wouldn’t it?You know, it happened to me a few times to organise the proposal for couples who then asked me to organise the wedding too!

It’s a wonderful experience for me and for the couple! We already have affinity, we know each other, everything runs smoothly and we have a lot of fun

Marriage proposal ideas in Italy

I have thought of 5 ideas to suggest for your wedding proposal. They are all very suggestive and you can use them as a basis for your own unique and unrepeatable proposal. 

They are simple to realise but very evocative!

Marriage proposal in a vineyard

A vineyard is a very special place that lends itself very well as a backdrop for such an important memento. 

In Italy, there are vineyards practically all over the peninsula, you can go to Tuscany in the Chianti area or Umbria, but you can also find beautiful ones in Liguria, in the 5 terre… in short, the choice is really wide.

Imagine organising a very refined picnic with typical Italian products and a good wine.

Marriage proposal on the Amalfi Coast

One of the most beautiful places with a sea view that I would suggest is the Amalfi Coast.

There you can organise an exclusive and very romantic dinner on the terrace of a restaurant or hotel.

The infinity terrace of  Villa Cimbrone comes to mind, or the gardens of Hotel Caruso with its wonderful view and infinity pool overlooking the sea.

Boat tour

Italy is a peninsula so it is surrounded by water, so you could organise a boat tour and make your proposal amidst the blue sea.

You will have no trouble finding a boat rental and you can choose from many options.

This would be a very intimate and romantic choice.

Cities of art

If you are in love with art then you can choose from the many Italian cities such as Florence, Rome, Naples or Venice…

Imagine you are walking down a particularly beautiful and important street and you stop and kneel down to ask the person you love if she/he wants to spend the rest of their life with you. 

To make this moment special, make sure you hire the right professionals such as a photographer, a musician and a florist who will appear at the right time to make this moment unique. 

 Marriage proposal in a castle.

Every princess’ dream is to find her prince, what better setting to make this fairytale come true than a castle? 

I would suggest my land Umbria, where castles overlook rolling hills with fairytale landscapes.

A romantic candlelight dinner, set just for you in a private place, background music and grand finale with the most romantic proposal of all.

With these tips of mine, I hope I have given you an inspiration to realise the wedding proposal you desire!

If you have any questions, just ask me… you can find me HERE

To support your dream and the possibility of coming to Italy for your wedding proposal and why not, even for your wedding, I leave you a gift!

Download the catalogue with the most beautiful places in Italy that I have selected to help you find your inspiration.

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