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Rain on your wedding day: it can happen

Rain on your wedding day, the watchword is no panic.

Even if you get married in Italy it can rain on your wedding day, that is to be reckoned with anywhere in the world and at any time of year.

As the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette says “It’s like rain on your wedding day”.

Rain on your wedding day: what to do

I know very well that no bride in the world wants rain on her wedding day, but the weather is one of the few things, which we cannot control, but we can manage on our wedding day.

The seasons and rain at the wedding

First of all, I want to dispel a cliché such as that it is more difficult for it to rain in spring and summer.


Given the latest trends in meteorology, this rule just doesn’t apply!

For example, in Italy this year we went with summer clothing until November.

If you are choosing your wedding date according to the weather, don’t!!!

If you love a wedding with warm autumn colours, don’t be afraid to be brave and organize it in the middle of autumn.

If you want a wedding in the middle of summer to go to the beach after the reception, don’t limit yourself by thinking about the super summer rain.

A wedding is a combination of emotions and feelings and we can achieve these both in the rain and without.

Always think of a plan B for the rain at your wedding

The ‘rain plan’ must always be a priority for you!

When choosing your wedding venue, make sure it has an indoor reception hall as beautiful as the lawn for the outdoor reception.

Check that, whatever the weather on the wedding day, it can be managed well and without stress for the guests but especially for you, the bride and groom.

Plan the arrangements so that they fit whether you stay outdoors or have to resort to plan B.

Don’t forget to also check with tranfert that you can pick up guests easily.

The wedding not afraid of rain

There is a wedding to which rain has no effect, does not upset plans and does not have to be rearranged.

It is a wedding that if it rains or snows, it is even better!

This is the winter wedding.

Winter weddings are always held indoors, they don’t need back-up plans and everything is already arranged for people to be indoors!

Rain on your wedding day: inspiration

If you love open spaces surrounded by greenery but don’t want to risk the weather forecast, you can consider getting married in a greenhouse.

The greenhouse allows you to organise a wedding surrounded by nature but with the cons of an indoor venue.

It is a very elegant and extremely functional idea, and moreover, it fully embraces the green philosophy that is so dear to the heart of newlyweds 2.0.

Inside and outside no longer have boundaries and the unique feel makes the atmosphere special.

Choose the perfect wedding venue for you!

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