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Renewal of marriage vows – 5 creative ideas

Renewing your wedding vows is not just a nice idea to celebrate your life together and promise each other fidelity again years later. For those who have not been able to have the wedding of their dreams for various reasons, it is also the right occasion to organize the ceremony they have always wanted.

For example, you can book in a luxury location, organize a destination wedding in a country you would like to visit or recreate your wedding day in every detail.

The most important thing is not to get stressed out with the preparations. The advice is to rely on the experience of a good wedding planner, who will be able to best advise you on the type of ceremony that best suits your needs, tastes and budget.

Let’s see some ideas to renew wedding vows, making the event original and one of a kind. Renewal of marriage vows – 5 creative ideas:

1- Destination vow renewal

If there are not many guests invited to the ceremony, a good idea could be to organize the renewal of promises abroad, thus allowing them to enjoy a nice holiday as well. There are many places where it is possible to plan such an event: a beach in an exotic country, a romantic castle …

In this regard, Italy is one of the most popular countries for events of this type, and in particular the Umbria region offers many romantic villages that are perfect for exchanging wedding vows again.

2- On a cruise

Still on the subject of travel, another fantastic option could be to hold the ceremony on a cruise. A solution of this type is excellent for couples who want to offer themselves and offer their guests a luxurious event.

In fact, the ship, in addition to providing a romantic experience worthy of a film, offers every kind of comfort, from food, to relaxation, to entertainment. In short, this is something your guests will certainly appreciate!

3- Everything as it once was

How do you forget your wedding day! After so many years, the love that binds you is the same as it was then, so why not try the same love again in the same place where you got married?

4- Live Music

Maybe you would have wanted it for your wedding day but you couldn’t because you would have gone too far with the budget. This is a good opportunity to make up for it! You could choose a band that plays live during the reception, or a DJ who plays music to dance the night away (an idea that will appeal to younger guests).

Agree in advance the playlist to play; obviously the most famous songs of the year you got married should not be missing, including “your” song.

5- An original reception

If trips and cruises seem a little too much and you prefer something simpler, you could opt for a traditional lunch or cocktail. However, instead of choosing a classic restaurant, you could opt for a slightly different place, such as a wine shop that offers a catering service.

Wine and food are always an excellent match, and your guests will certainly be happy to celebrate with you while enjoying delicacies.

If you are looking for other creative ideas for your renewal of marriage vows in Italy please contact us.

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