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How to manage stress during wedding preparations

The wedding day is the most beautiful day par excellence but organizing it, like all beautiful things, requires commitment, sacrifices and (unfortunately) also a lot of stress. In fact, it is not easy to balance one’s life made up of work and daily chores with all the various commitments that planning a wedding entails.

Going to visit a place or taste a menu can be fun things in the imagination. But when the matter becomes real and you find yourself having to deal with the budget to be respected and an event to set up, here comes the stress.

You feel a bit like a theatrical company on the eve of the premiere and you fear that on the day of the show something will go wrong. How to do?

Here are some tips for managing stress better when preparing for a wedding:

Stress during wedding preparations: First, calm down

On your wedding day everything must certainly be perfect, but the world would not be perfect without imperfections. So try to do your best so that everything is as you wanted it, but at the same time do not be stubborn on every issue.

Something could go wrong, the important thing is to find a solution. And if you get anxious about every little thing, you certainly won’t know how to do this. Let things take their course; it could also happen that an unexpected event makes things even more beautiful!

Enjoy yourselves!

As s direct consequence of the previous point, try to take everything as a game. Instead of being overwhelmed by deadlines and the need to please everyone, try to maintain the imaginary climate of frivolity that preparing for a wedding should involve.

In this way the invitations to send or the budget to make ends will no longer be a source of stress, but a part of the journey that will lead you to your most beautiful day. And then, let’s face it, when will it happen again to go and visit those wonderful locations?

A little organization doesn’t hurt

Obviously, taking things more lightly does not mean leaving everything to chance. Trying to organize yourself during the day, it is easier to optimize the times and maybe be able to fit some more commitments.

Another suggestion is to adopt good habits such as going to bed a little earlier. This will allow you to be more rested and better survive the weeks of preparation leading up to the wedding.

Play as a team

After all, you are a bit on the eve of your life together, so what better occasion to test your skill in sharing tasks? If you share the responsabilities, you will both have fewer things to think about.

In this way you will have less stress and you can also do a “dress rehearsal” of what awaits you in the future. You get married for that too, right?

… The Wedding Planner takes care of everything else!

Finally, if you don’t feel like organizing everything by yourself and you’re afraid of being overwhelmed by a thousand things to think about, hiring a wedding planner is the ideal solution.

Certainly this choice does not mean doing nothing and delegating everything to her. On the contrary, you will always be at the helm of wedding planning, but with the awareness of having an extra hand.



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