Wedding abroad checklist

Wedding abroad checklist: planning your special day in Italy

Making a wedding abroad checklist’ is a great starting point for careful planning.

Today we talk about what you should have in your checklist for your wedding abroad.

You are in love with Italy and have decided to get married here, but organising a wedding abroad can seem like a complex challenge.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate through every detail and create an unforgettable day that reflects your love and style.

 How to plan a wedding abroad checklist

The things you would like to put in your checklist will be so many; the anxiety of forgetting something takes all brides, but don’t worry, let’s get it in order!

The checklist should be organised step by step according to the stage of organisation you are in.

Today we start for you with the first checklist, the one you make to get the planning done right.

 11 points for a perfect wedding abroad checklist

We suggest these 11 points for you to start from.

Advance planning: start your preparations well in advance.

Choose the date, the city and the location for your wedding in Italy. This is the base from which everything will start.

Legal documents: find out about all the bureaucratic procedures; make sure you have all the necessary documents for a legal marriage in Italy.

Contact the relevant authorities to find out what requirements must be fulfilled.

Local Wedding Planner: working with a local wedding planner is essential.

They are experts in planning weddings in Italy and can help you with translations, bookings and logistical details.

Wedding venue: choose the perfect wedding venue for you and your style.

From charming Italian villas to romantic beaches, there are options for all tastes. ( if you want to get married in a villa, I recommend reading HERE)

Guests and accommodation: plan accommodation for you and your guests.

Check proximity to airports and book comfortable and authentic accommodation.

Catering and menus: Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine.

Work with a local caterer to create a menu that celebrates Italian flavours and traditions.

Style and decorations: choose the mood and style of your wedding.

Decorations should reflect both your personal style and the unique atmosphere of Italy.

Photographer and videographer: find a photographer and videographer to capture every magical moment of your wedding in Italy.

Program of the day: create a detailed programme for your wedding day.

Be sure to consider times for ceremonies, meals and entertainment.

Special details: add unique details such as excursions for guests, local wine tasting or typical Italian entertainment.

Time and weather: keep the weather forecast in mind and plan alternatives for outdoor ceremonies.

Transport logistics: make sure that guests can move easily from their accommodation to the wedding venue.

Health and well-being: plan your physical and mental well-being.

Relax before the big day and enjoy every moment.

Post-wedding details: plan gift-giving, post-wedding legal documentation and photo management.

Relax and enjoy everything: on the wedding day, relax and enjoy every moment.

Let your wedding planner take care of the details so that you can focus only on love and joy.

Wedding abroad checklist, why it is important to have it

With this detailed check list, you can plan an unforgettable wedding in Italy with peace of mind and confidence.

Remember that you have the support of experienced professionals who will guide you every step of the way. Your dream of an Italian wedding is about to come true!

Having the checklist is important, so you will always have everything under control, and you will not run the risk of forgetting important things.

Among the very first items to push on your wedding abroad checklist is the wedding venue; a choice that determines all the planning.

If you browse through our blog, you will find plenty of articles that will help you plan the many items on the checklist.

Fear not, we have no intention of throwing you into the mix and leaving you alone with doubts.

Click the button below, and download the catalogue we have created for brides like you who are planning a wedding in Italy.

If you have any questions about your planning just write to us, you can find us HERE.


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