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Wedding budget: how to divide it and how to manage it.

Let’s talk about a very hot topic: the wedding budget.

When we talk about weddings, we inevitably talk about wedding budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a destination wedding with lots of guests or an intimate wedding, the first thing you need to do is set a budget (which you’ll almost certainly go over).

You and your fiancé need to decide (almost) by common agreement how much money you want to spend on the wedding; so the question is:

“How much money do I want to allocate for this project?”

Once you have this answer, you need to work on how to best manage that money so that it covers the costs of the wedding. 

Wedding budget: Make a real estimate

Once you and your fiancé have established the amount of money you want to allocate and invest from your finances, have a nice family meeting.

Ask your parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle if they want to participate in the wedding expenses. 

Very often it happens that the parents of the bride and groom want to pay the expenses of the reception or the grandmother wants to give the wedding dress to her granddaughter.

These are things that it would be better to know right away, so you will know what are the things that you will not have to pay for.

 Split the wedding budget in 5 steps

 In order to manage everything in the best possible way, we recommend that you proceed in an orderly and methodical way.

That’s why we thought we’d simplify the process into 5 steps.

 Wedding budget: identify the cost items

 What will become most familiar to you throughout the wedding planning process will be the lists. 

 You’ll be making lists for everything, so you might as well get started now!!!

 Start by making a list of the main things you will need to plan the wedding you want.

  •  Venue
  •  Food
  •  Beverage
  •  Flowers
  • Setup
  •  Wedding dress
  •  Groom dress
  •  Bridesmaids dress (if you want to pay for them)
  •  Tranfert etc. …

 So you will have under control all the items of expenditure.

 Even better would be to organize an excel file so that when you have the single costs you can have them all in a single file.

 Triks: if you search the web you will find many apps or programs that can help you in planning, both the budget and many other aspects of the wedding such as Trello.

 Make a cost estimate

 To each item of expenditure attribute a ceiling that you are willing to pay for that particular service.

Prioritize the wedding budget items

 Establish what is most important to you, the things you would never give up and are willing to spend more on.  This will help you not to give up on the things that are important to you.

 Number of guests greatly affects on the wedding budget

 Start making your guest list right now. It won’t be easy, but tackle this step right away. 

 (here’s another list, we told you they would become your best friends during the planning process!)

 Over time the list will undergo so many changes but at least you will have an idea of how many people you will be.

 The first question the vendors will ask you is: how many people will be in a wedding? 

 Calculate extra expenses as well.

 There are always unexpected expenses.  They usually amount to about 5% of the total wedding budget.

 The budget of the destination wedding.

 We know very well that the dream of celebrating their wedding in a place far from home is a dream for many couples. 

 It is certainly not easy, but it is not a mission impossible. 

If you’re thinking of getting married in Italy or anyway far away from your home country, you’ll have to be particularly good at keeping everything under control.

For the division of the budget often the bride and groom make mistakes, not because they do not know how to do it, but because in most cases they have no idea what are the real costs of a wedding. 

Precisely for this reason, having a wedding planner agency, that follows you and directs you on the best choices and proposes alternatives based on your tastes and budget ,will not only save you a lot of money, but above all, will avoid a lot of frustration.

Destination weddings are stress free if you have someone from the place where you are getting married, look where you can’t look, protect your interests and have a deep knowledge of the areas and vendors.

If you are considering a destination wedding in Italy the first thing to look for is the perfect venue for you. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to download the free guide we have prepared with the Best Wedding Venues in Italy.

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