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Wedding coordinator what does she do?

Who is the wedding coordinator and who chooses them.

Today we talk about the wedding coordinator.

In the wedding world there are really so many professionals, who do different and very specific tasks.

But, how do you figure out which one is best suited to your needs?

Let’s start to clarify in this blog post, talking about Wedding Coordinator.

Who is the wedding coordinator

The wedding coordinator is, in most cases, an experienced wedding planner who offers among her services, that of wedding day coordination.

She will not, therefore, take care of all the planning, but will be a valuable support on the wedding day so that everything goes perfectly.

Why have a wedding coordinator.

If you are a super organized bride and want to plan your wedding by yourself, having someone to support you on the wedding day will be a very wise choice.

Can you imagine the day of the wedding, you with a clipboard in your hand guiding vendors or solving unforeseen problems?

I don’t think no bride imagines that!

A wedding coordinator, could support you, in just that. She would follow your guidelines, your planning but take away the stress of having to be the director of the orchestra on the wedding day.

Wedding planner tip: Let me give you a piece of advice. If you want to think about wedding planning yourself, I support your choice, but think about having a wedding day coordinator. A bride should only think about having fun and enjoying every moment.

What are the benefits of choosing a wedding coordinator?

Choosing a person to direct your wedding day by following your guidelines and making sure everything is executed exactly as you want it to be has only positive sides.

The most important reasons to think about are:

  • It reduces your stress level as much as possible because you won’t have to think about anything;
  • relieves you of managing and resolving any unforeseen issues;
  • allows you to enjoy the day in full relaxation;
  • assures you of the perfect execution of everything;
  • will allow you to fully experience the wedding you so deserve.

 Who the figure of the wedding coordinator is designed for.

This professional figure, who, as I told you a few lines above, is, almost always, an experienced wedding planner is born to meet a need of the bride and groom.

Wedding day coordination is designed for all those couples who embark on the journey of wedding planning independently.

Super-organized couples who have a lot of time to devote to wedding planning.

Or even those couples who are being supported by a wedding consultant but don’t want to take risks on the wedding day.

If you feel this is your way look at our Wedding coordinator service, you can find it HERE.

 How does a wedding coordinator work?

The work begins about 4 to 6 weeks before the event. At this stage the bride and groom explain the project in detail and share all the information with us.

A month before the event we check the vendor lists and all contracts.

We contact each individual vendor to train on the project and understand their organization and needs.
This way we can create an accurate timeline considering all the variables and comfortable for everyone.

We will then make a schedule for everyone and share in order to run everyone like cogs in a clock.

Why choose this service?

Having experienced eyes to monitor and exequate things for you is the best choice you can make.

  • On the day of the event we will be there to supervise:
    the assembly/disassembly of the setup,
  • the adherence to the schedule,
  • support the bride and groom during the ceremony
  • assist your guests with their needs,
  • prevent problems,
  • resolve unforeseen or last-minute issues.

Find your perfect combination and then delegate everything to the experts.

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